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This Grid Plots User Reviews for Products Featured at The Sleeter Group's Solutions14 Conference in Real Time

Nov 10th 2014
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If you’ve ever been to the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference, you know that many technology companies attend, sharing their ideas for helping accountants and small business people improve their processes.

Everyone from big players like Intuit and Xero to nimble start-ups like Tallie and AuditFile. There are even Australians here! That’s Practice Ignition. They’re the guys in the space suits.

Anyway, when you descend on the expo floor, it’s slightly overwhelming. Imagine a version of Coney Island that offers a solution to every conceivable accounting problem; there's people shouting, laughing and encouraging you to see what crazy thing they’ve got hidden behind the curtain (or, in this case, on the big monitor). Plus, showgirls! We’re in Las Vegas, after all.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn about the experiences other users have had with the products that are being showcased at Solutions14? 

"Yes, Caleb. That would be nice!" you might say.

Exciting news! Below is a grid built by G2 Crowd specifically for the Solutions14 Conference and it’s being brought to you exclusively by AccountingWEB. What’s G2 Crowd, you ask? Well, it's like Yelp, but instead of reviewing restaurants and nail salons, the users talk about business software. 

Wait! Don't click away! It's pretty cool, just take a look: here

As you can see, this grid plots out all the companies who are at the Solutions14 Conference this week. Any product that has 10 or more reviews will appear on the grid. The level of reviewer satisfaction is on the X axis while the Y axis measures market presence. The reviewer satisfaction is, you guessed it, G2 users’ satisfaction with a particular product, while the "market presence" rating is based on data from 10 different social sources that indicate the market share, vendor size and social impact. 

Right now there are 14 products in various positions on the board. If you’d like to jump in the pool and submit a review, it’s easy. You can log in with your LinkedIn account or create a unique G2 Crowd profile. Once you’re set up you can browse through the categories to find the software you’d like to review. If you don’t find the product you’re looking for or if you’re a vendor and your product is on G2 Crowd, you can add it here.  Then you can shout at all your fanboys and girls to get on there to review your product before the haters jump on you first (it's the Internet, don't forget).

Follow the grid throughout Solutions14 to see how the products move, which new ones get added to the board and check out G2 Crowd's site for more reviews all kinds of business software. 


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