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QuickBooks tips no one ever told you about

The Best QuickBooks Tricks No One Ever Told You About

Apr 28th 2015
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After working exclusively with QuickBooks for five years, I continue to learn new tips and tricks – many of which I have learned from the very clients that I am training or consulting with. Here are a few of my favorite QuickBooks tricks. (These tricks are for QuickBooks versions Enterprise, Premier, and Pro.)

Change the Look of the New QuickBooks to Look Like the Old QuickBooks

Starting with Version 2013, QuickBooks came out with a new stealth look. The navigation bar is on the left rather than at the top of the screen. I don't know about you, but I miss the old look. Fortunately, there is a way to change the look of QuickBooks.

Figure 1. Click View > Top Icon Bar. This splits the left navigation bar on the left-hand side and puts the icons on the home screen.

Figure 2. Click Edit > Preferences > Desktop View. Each user (if in a multiuser setup) will have the ability to switch to colored icons in the top icon bar and/or set the company file color scheme as shown below.

Show Lowest Subaccount

I have a client who has multiple levels of subaccounts on their chart of accounts. It's very hard to find accounts from the dropdown chart of accounts list when there are so many subaccounts. I recently learned about this trick: show the lowest subaccount.

Figure 3. Login as Admin. Go to Edit > Preferences. Select Accounting. Select Company Preferences. Click on the box next to Show lowest subaccount only.

This preference is available only if you select Use Account Numbers.

When this preference is on, QuickBooks displays only the lowest subaccount. For example, if the account you select is:


QuickBooks displays:


When this preference is off, QuickBooks displays the parent accounts along with the subaccount.

Quick Way to Close an Open Window in QuickBooks

I learned this trick from a client last week.

Figure 4. Normally, to close an open window you click on the X to close it. A faster way is to hit the Escape key. The open window will close immediately.

Print a Bill Voucher

In many instances, we need the ability to print a bill voucher to attach to vendor bills (for documentation purposes) or to attach to vendor payments.

Figure 5. Simply, click Print from the Bill window.

Figure 6. The bill voucher will print as shown below.

Easily Find Related Transactions: The Transaction History Report

Do you ever come across a transaction in QuickBooks that shows a bill has been paid or an invoice has been paid? Did you know that there is a quick way to find the related bill payment or customer payment?

Figure 7. Simply click on the Reports tab from the top of the transaction window.

Figure 8. Select Transaction History. The Transaction History window will open, listing all related transactions, including the payment. Click Go To in order to look at the payment received.

Transaction Journal

I recently learned this trick from one of my employees.

Figure 9. You can display the journal entry that QuickBooks makes behind the scenes for a transaction. Click on the Reports tab from the top of the transaction window. Select Transaction Journal. The transaction journal will open.

Turn Off Spell Check

If the spell checker annoys you, you can turn it off.

Figure 10. Go to Edit > Preferences. Select My Preferences. Unclick the box next to “Always check spelling before printing … .”

Built-in Calculator

Within every amount field in QuickBooks is the ability to use a calculator.

Figure 11. Simply tap the + key on your keyboard to activate it as shown below. Enter your formula and press Enter when you are done.

As I said earlier, I am constantly learning new tips and tricks in QuickBooks, and I look forward to learning more in the future. Take some time to explore these QuickBooks tricks for yourself. Leave a comment below if you'd like to share a few of your own tricks.

About the author:
Veronica Wasek is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a CPA, a public speaker, and a member of the national Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. Veronica is the founder of VM Wasek CPA LLC, a QuickBooks-centric firm specializing in customized QuickBooks set up, training, clean up, consulting, and bookkeeping. Veronica's blog, http://5MinuteBookkeeping.com, provides tips, videos, and tutorials for small businesses to get their bookkeeping done in as little as five minutes a day using QuickBooks Online.

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