State and Federal Labor Law Posters Via the Internet

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Keeping up-to-date on the labor law posters doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. A site called makes it as efficient as possible for companies to be compliant with posting state and federal laws in the workplace by delivering accurate, cost-effective labor law posters through a convenient process.

Federal Labor Law Posters and E-Notification System are FREE and State posters can be downloaded at the lowest price in the industry. Labor law posters can be downloaded and posted at your workplace within minutes! will send you update notifications immediately after the labor law posters change either at the state or federal level using an E-Notification System. is the first company to provide complete packages of state and federal labor law posters over the Internet. You will receive your posters by email within minutes of ordering. All posters are designed to be printed on standard letter-sized paper (8.5" x 11"). Posters include Minimum Wage, Equal Employment Opportunity, and OSHA.

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