Sleeter Group announces its annual QuickBooks Awesome Add-Ons

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Winners of the 2010 “Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks” were announced today at the Next Generation Accounting Solutions Conference in Orlando, Florida, an annual event that showcases businesses management tools and technologies, and offers educational resources to consultants and accounting professionals who serve business clients.

Awarded annually, the Awesome Add-ons recognize software programs, web-based applications, and services that help enhance QuickBooks by giving users additional tools for managing their businesses. Winners are selected by The Sleeter Group, the nation’s premier network of small business technology consultants.

Add-on programs are essential to many small and mid-sized businesses, providing them with functions and capabilities specific to their industry. They improve such key areas as inventory, time and project tracking, invoicing, e-commerce and other functions, helping the companies be more efficient, productive and profitable.

“We continually study the growing marketplace of hundreds of technologies and services that enhance QuickBooks,” said Doug Sleeter, founder and president of The Sleeter Group. “It’s amazing to see how the ecosystem of add-on solutions has grown and thrived over the years, particularly for industries where QuickBooks may not have all of the features or workflows needed.”

To qualify for the Awesome Add-on honor, technologies must seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, and offer superior design, ease-of-use, and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.  The Sleeter Group analyzed 82 products this year and chose nine winners.

This is the sixth year The Sleeter Group has presented its Awesome Add-ons awards. Winners receive crystal awards, and in addition, Doug Sleeter explained that the winners receive mention on the Sleeter Group Web site and in the Sleeter Group monthly newsletter, they are mentioned in various media publications including AccountingWEB and CPA Technology Advisor, and they receive consideration to become VAR partners within the Sleeter Group, where they can position their products to be sold and serviced by Sleeter Group consultants.

The 2010 Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks are:

·        Alocet Incorporated, for Method Integration, a web-based platform for QuickBooks that allows users to create customized, online business management systems with real-time syncing to their QuickBooks data.

·, for its self-named online system that gives small businesses automated tools for managing their spending processes, while ensuring that spending policies are enforced.

·        MISys, Inc., for MISys SBM Shop Floor Control, which gives manufacturers enhanced tracking features for managing work tools, production centers, shop operations and manufacturing capacity.

·        Netfira, for Connect Commerce, an ecommerce solution offering secure, real-time applications for both sellers and buyers, giving each party access to more accurate data that can be automatically integrated into their accounting system.

·        Propelware, for Autofy, which reduces data entry tasks by synchronizing business records between desktop and enterprise software, online data sources, ecommerce systems and mobile devices.

·        Qvinci Software, forthe Qvinci business management system, which aggregates data from QuickBooks and Excel, providing a dashboard view of financial information with forward-looking tools, drill down, early warning indicators and graphical data representations.

·        Sharefile, for its self-named online collaboration suite that lets users create custom-branded, secure portals for exchanging business files with clients and coworkers.

·        Virtual Software, for Virtual Time + Expense, an online platform that simplifies the preparation, approval and accounting processes for timesheets and expense reports, and includes features for time, class and project tracking.

·        XpandedReports, for ExpandedReports for QuickBooks/Fishbowl, a comprehensive and flexible reporting tool for business using QuickBooks of Fishbowl Inventory that helps consultants produce and customize reports for clients, filling the gaps left by standard reporting options.

In addition to these companies, the Sleeter Group recognized incMagic ( search as a “New Product to Watch.” The system provides easy-to-use search functions within QuickBooks that lets users quickly search across any data in the program.

The Sleeter Group is a nationwide community of experts who provide technology consulting services to small business owners, offering training programs and seminars, and publishing QuickBooks reference materials and textbooks used by more than 100 colleges in the United States. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies. More information:

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