SAP, Partners Deliver Business Analytics and Strategic Insight for SMEs

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On Tuesday at the AICPA Tech 2006 conference, SAP America, Inc., a subsidiary of SAP AG, announced the addition of new analytical and business intelliegence capabilities developed by independent software vendors (ISVs) for SAP Business One, the integrated management solution for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).


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“We recognize the importance of business intelligence as a tool that CPAs and small businesses can leverage to improve decision-making and execute on strategy,” said John Morrow, AICPA Vice President – The New Finance. “Affordable applications for collecting, analyzing and reporting on financial data are helping our members integrate accounting with all business areas and grow their business.”

Leveraging the core business intelligence and analytic capabilities of SAP Business One, ISV SoftBrands, PARIS Technologies and Third Wave Business Systems are providing new functionality for advanced internal reporting, improved strategic insight and enhanced productivity. By developing seamless interfaces for SAP Business One, SAP’s ISV partners are creating an integrated business management platform that frees SMEs from the excessive time and cost of cobbling together and running disparate applications. The new capabilities integrate with the financial management, manufacturing and customer relationship management capabilities of SAP business One, and extend the solution’s XL reporter and renowned Drag and Relate technology to create an end-to-end business application delivering analytical capabilities to all lines of business. The combined functionality further enables companies to quickly and easily obtain the information necessary – where and when it is needed – to make informed decisions.

New Partner Functionality Provides Smarter Solution

The SAP Business One ISV program provides certified integration with SAP Business One, ensuring the application connects seamlessly with partner-developed solutions, offering customers the assurance of software effectiveness and compatibility.

PowerAnalytics, a cost-effective application incorporating database consolidation, corporate performance management, predictive analytics and online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities into SAP Business One, was developed by PARIS Technologies of Doyleston, Penn. PowerAnalytics features seamless integration with external data sources, a Web portal for dynamic reporting of key performance indicators, and the creation of dashboards and balanced scorecards enabling key decision-makers to modify and execute operational strategy.

SoftBrands of Minneapolis, Minn., has released the latest version of its fourth Shift edition of SAP Business One, a customized business management solution for small and mid-sized manufacturers. The new version includes enhanced production reporting, enabling companies to better monitor customer orders and inventory figures and their effects upon financial performance, while providing the flexibility to alter output schedules and pricing level during various stages of production.

CrystalWave, an innovative application that seamlessly integrates SAP Business One with popular reporting tool Crystal Reports, was developed by Third Wave Business Systems of Elmwood Park, New Jersey. The tight integration, combined with the easy-to-use interface of SAP Business One, allows users to quickly compile, process and distribute internal reports and documents through a number of electronic formats. CrystalWave can customize and distribute any type of report, from materials purchasing to sales orders, allowing users to complete and quickly circulate personalized reports and invoices for optimized decision-making and improved cash flow measures.

Solution Tools Expedite Process reporting, Increase Productivity

The new analytical functionality combines with existing features to provide a fully-integrated intelligent application, connecting sales and financials with all business areas for enhanced operational control and the proliferation of real-time performance management capabilities. SAP’s renowned Drag and Relate technology provides managers with a dashboard-like experience, issuing internal alerts based on real-time performance data for quick, informed decisions. The XL Reporter, contained within SAP Business One, increases employee productivity by integrating with Microsoft Excel for enhanced financial, sales and production reports. XL Reporter utilizes Microsoft Excel as the primary hub for monitoring operations, modifying display data and compiling performance reports, enabling companies to improve overall data quality and quickly enact and update business strategy decisions.

“As small businesses watch their operations grow and their systems produce more and more data, they require solutions that will not only organize and automate business processes, but which also provide detailed analysis of operational information and insight to drive future decision-making,” Dan Kraus, vice president, SAP Business One. “By working with our ISV partners, SAP Business One now delivers a fully integrated analytical application, providing synchronized reporting and complete decision-support productivity and improved sales figures.”

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