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sage summit keynote address

Sage Keynote Stresses Measured Change

Jul 28th 2015
Editorial Manager/US Team Lead
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While Sage CEO Stephen Kelly's keynote address at Sage Summit noted how the company is evolving its products and message, he stressed they are doing so at a measured pace.

Software company Sage is holding its annual Sage Summit user and partner conference here in New Orleans this week.

During the keynote address, modern product introductions – and re-introductions – including Sage Live (formerly Sage Life), Sage Impact, and a more connected midmarket line in Sage 100 and 300, were tempered by Kelly. Specifically, the new chief executive stated, “Sage loves on-premises, hybrid, and the cloud. We will not force you to migrate … you will never hear us utter the term ‘end of life.'” This was his commitment to all users.

One item that Kelly said is going away, however, is Sage's use of the term ERP in any of its products, which he claimed was a 25-year-old term that no longer has a place.

Accountants also received a specific commitment from Kelly, who promised “we are committed to earning the trust of the trusted advisor. You can depend on us to support your practice.” In addition, Kelly assured all users – businesses and accountants alike – that Sage's product line would “support the golden triangle of accounting, payroll, and payments.”

Adding to the excitement and messaging of remaining committed to small and midsized businesses, even calling them “heroes” at one point, was a sit-down discussion with General Colin Powell and Deepak Chopra. Some of their more notable sound bites during their 45 minutes on stage with Kelly included:

  • “Everyone says they are going to fix the tax code, but I haven't seen anyone do it yet. We need to put pressure on Congress to change it, for the betterment of small businesses and the economy" – Powell
  • “You need inspired teams, shared vision, compliment strengths. If you do these, your business will be very successful.” – Chopra
  • “Use technology selectively and keep up with it” – Chopra
  • “If you can't get the job done, you need to find people to help you get the job done” – Powell

As for the newer products, Sage Live and Sage Impact, in particular, have accountants in mind, but only those really interested in or already running their practices and working with clients in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Just to review, Sage Live is a cloud-based product that offers financial, sales, and operational data in one place for businesses and accountants; all of which made possible through a partnership with Salesforce. Sage Impact is more of a platform, whereby any firms already using cloud-based applications – Sage-branded or not – can place them within Impact, log in, and use them from one place.

Ultimately, a very mixed message from Kelly in terms of product direction in wanting to both support current technologies and help users migrate to the new ones. He believes users want choice and Sage will be about choice.


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