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Every CPA has had to deal with these or similar situations at some point in his career:

You're in your office, working on a client file. You need a report that is at the client's office, on his computer.

You're away from your office when you receive a call from a client who needs an immediate response. The information you need to address the situation is on your office computer.

You need to train a client on the new accounting software, but bad weather is making it difficult to schedule a meeting.

It is impossible to be physically at your computer at all times. But it is also unnecessary. Did you know there's a simple solution allowing you to remotely access computers and their programs and data from wherever you are, at any time?

Remote access means anytime access to your computer

The fact is accounting is a service-based profession. Clients want service and they want it quickly. Mike Jackson, managing member of Jackson, Howard and Whatley, LLC, a Central Alabama certified public accounting firm, which uses LogMeIn Pro for remote access, appreciates what it does for his company and their clients.

"Customers love the fact that we can go in [to their computers remotely] and deal with problems while they watch on their monitors. Many times the issue is simple. So, instead of having to drive across town, we log in to solve the issue. It saves us a ton of time. Our customers get faster service than if we were down the street."

LogMeIn Pro has powerful features for demanding professionals

Using LogMeIn Pro, CPAs and other professionals gain an easy-to-use tool for remote computer access. You simply install it on the computer you want to access remotely and then you can log into it from any other computer with an Internet connection.

With a user-friendly interface, LogMeIn Pro has a minimal learning curve. As soon as it is installed on the computer to be accessed (or the host computer), most users are ready to go, without IT intervention – even for novice computer users. And it has many features built right in, including security, which is a big issue for CPAs and lawyers.

LogMeIn offers multiple levels of security that protect sensitive information. In addition to connections made over 256-bit SSL encryption (the same security used by online banking institutions) and two-factor authentication, additional features include the ability to blank the screen of the remote computer. This means that the information being accessed remotely will not be displayed for the casual viewer at the remote location. Simple reports are also available to provide a history of every remote control session.

LogMeIn Pro provides other significant business benefits

Remote access to the main office or client office computers means that you no longer need to install multiple copies of your accounting software. Dealing with USB drives, portable hard drives, and the risks of damage or loss that go along with them are no longer issues. LogMeIn Pro allows direct file sharing (eliminating the need to send large attachments in e-mail), automatic local printing of a remote computer file, and one-to-one screen-sharing sessions to facilitate immediate real-time training.

With LogMeIn Pro you can go home for dinner and complete your work there rather than staying late at the office to meet your deadlines. You can wake up in the morning and work from home before you head into the office, and have the reports waiting for you on your work printer when you arrive.

Train clients, at your convenience, no matter where they are located. Handle client emergencies from wherever you are. And, with today's volatile gas prices, the savings employees enjoy by working from home just one day a week can really add up. LogMeIn Pro creates an opportunity for employers to offer a no-cost benefit to employees that improves morale, which in turn improves productivity.

Andrea Cannavina, master virtual assistant and founder of LegalTypist Inc. has been using LogMeIn Pro since 2005 and recommends it to her clients and colleagues. "LogMeIn Pro is my preferred solution because it passes all three of my requirements: It's: (a) secure; (b) easy to use; and (c) cost effective because it provides attorneys and other professionals with exactly what they need – access to their data – without IT overhead."

LogMeIn Pro is a powerful and affordable tool that allows CPAs and other professionals to be more efficient, effective, and productive. For more information, visit the LogMeIn Pro Web site.

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