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Taking an online course or participating in a teleconference is quite different from sitting in a classroom and attending a live, in-person presentation.

Traditionally, we think of training experiences and presentations as live classroom or auditorium events. But technology has taken center state and given us many more options for virtual alternatives. Here are some of the differences – you decide what makes the most sense to you when considering your options for attending training and presentations.

Pros of classroom training and presentations:

  • Face-to-face interaction with speaker and with peers.
  • Familiarity with classroom experience – it's similar to going to school
  • Paper-based tests and quizzes can be used
  • Many different types of presentation media can be introduced to help keep the attention of participants
  • A live instructor can judge the reactions of students and gear the material accordingly
  • Participants are more likely to pay attention and be active members of the classroom than they are if they are sitting at their desks or at home where they can be distracted

Pros of virtual training and presentations:

  • Many people from different places can attend without having to travel
  • No participant cost relating to travel, no need for overnight stays away from home and office
  • Easy to offer short training sessions since you don't have to assemble many people in one place
  • Training can be self-paced
  • Online chats and live interface can replace the experience of face-to-face interaction in a traditional classroom
  • Depending on the technology in use, expense of training can be lower
  • If the class reaches a slow point, participants can use the time to do other tasks at the desk
  • Course materials can be easily augmented by pointing participants to other Internet sites
  • It's easier to bring in external experts in a Web-based setting than it is in a classroom

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