Qvinci: A unique 3rd party QuickBooks solution for Pro Advisors

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Qvinci Software offers strategic partnership to QuickBooks ProAdvisors through a new third party QuickBooks software solution. This solution is Qvinci, an intelligent dashboard with early warning and forward looking tools which provides recurring revenue and increased client value for ProAdvisors.

Qvinci adds unique capabilities to the consulting practice of a ProAdvisor. Clients are able to visualize their company's financial health through the services of the ProAdvisor like never before. With forward looking tools, ProAdvisors can project future results based on current and past trends and easily transmit this data to the client. The drill-down feature allows the ProAdvisor to easily target specific information, queried from QuickBooks, behind any data point on a graph. Problem areas are easily identified by the ProAdvisor creating a more reliable picture of the business and better decision making on the part of the client.

With Qvinci, ProAdvisors have the ability to brand the software with their own logo. The dashboard and tools included can be customized for the ProAdvisor's own needs and services. Dashboards can be built once and sold many times. Dashboards can be password protected and easily emailed between ProAdvisors and clients. The software is a low-cost subscription model resulting in recurring revenue for ProAdvisors, who buy the license and then sell it to their clients. Qvinci is easy to use and provides another level of interaction and service, greatly increasing the ProAdvisor's value to the client.

Qvinci offers many tools including:

  • Early Warning Indicators- alerts if you will miss a goal or exceed a certain limit.
  • Proforma- predicts future performance based on current and past trends.
  • "What-If"- allows for viewing possible results if one variable of the business changes, ex. increased revenue or decreased expense, based on previous performance.
  • Drill-down: shows all the underlying information, pulled from QuickBooks, for any certain data point on a graph.
  • Point and Click management tools

Please e-mail [email protected] for an introductory e-mail packaged or visit our Web page for more information, video tours, and screen shots.

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