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The Sleeter Group has announced that a trial version of QuickBooks software will be included with the company's three college textbooks. Students taking courses in QuickBooks are often required to pay hundreds of dollars for a fully-functional version of QuickBooks. But for the first time, a 140-day student trial version of the world's most popular small business software will be included free to students using textbooks from The Sleeter Group, a respected publisher of QuickBooks resources.

The special 140-day trial version will enable students at technical schools, community colleges, and other educational centers to have complete access to all of the features of QuickBooks during a quarter or semester-long class. Instructors generally select the course materials, then either pre-purchase them for the students or require students to obtain them separately.

"When instructors and schools can offer students a free, full version of QuickBooks that will last as long as their course does, it helps both students and the schools achieve success in their training missions," said Doug Sleeter, president of The Sleeter Group. "Students don't have to worry about purchasing the system, but still are able to learn and engage the program with full functionality, instead of using a version with limited features."

The Sleeter Group offers textbooks and resources for instructors and students, ranging from the beginner-level Fundamentals textbook, to Intermediate and Complete books. The materials, along with in-class guidance by instructors, help students establish essential skills in small business bookkeeping, helping them better prepare for the workforce.

The QuickBooks Fundamentals course textbook (priced at $79.95) is designed for users who may be computer novices, providing an introduction to basic program operations, including file setup, reports, sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and reconciliation functions. The QuickBooks Intermediate textbook (also $79.95) covers more detailed tasks, including inventory, payroll, budgeting, forecasting, business planning, sales tax, and period-end procedures. The QuickBooks Complete course book includes material from both the Fundamentals and Intermediate textbooks and is priced at $99.95. All textbooks include hands-on, step-by-step exercises, review questions, and a final summary problem.

For instructors, The Sleeter Group also includes a variety of free resources, including instructor manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and test banks that instructors can access online. Quantity discounts are also offered.

The Sleeter Group and Intuit's Educational Program collaborated to distribute the 140-day student version of QuickBooks, which will be included free in the Sleeter Group's 2008 QuickBooks textbooks, which are available at www.Sleeter.com.

About The Sleeter Group

The Sleeter Group is a community of experts who provide consulting services to small business owners in the accounting software and business process design areas. The group provides QuickBooks training resources to users and consultants including textbooks, reference books, expert level webinars, an annual Accounting Software Consulting Conference, a consultant membership network, practice management tools, teaching systems, expert level technical support, and a free online newsletter. Through a network of over 650 independent consultants and small- to medium-sized accounting firms, The Sleeter Group currently serves over 250,000 small businesses each year with QuickBooks and other small business accounting consulting services.

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