QuickBooks Seminar System helps QuickBooks instructors build successful training businesses

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The Sleeter Group has announced the general availability of the QuickBooks Seminar System, a complete, turn-key system that empowers accountants and consultants to teach QuickBooks in classrooms and industry settings without much preparation.

Especially in today's economy, when individuals are retooling their careers and are in need of skill‑building opportunities, accountants and consultants have found that offering seminars is a great way to grow their practices and reach potential clients. With The Sleeter Group's QuickBooks Seminar System, the instructor's experience and knowledge shine through with thoroughly tested seminar workbooks and excellent marketing materials, so the instructor can focus on connecting with potential clients and showcasing the depth of their knowledge.

"The best part of Sleeter's QuickBooks Seminar System is that you can basically open the box, set a date, and teach the seminars. Everything is done for you -- the marketing ideas, the templates for flyers, planning procedures -- it's all there and done with perfection", said Shelley Crivello of Iacopi, Lenz & Company in Stockton, California. "I used the program to teach QuickBooks at local banks and found it to be so easy to use. The seminar material is right on the money, just like when Doug Sleeter used to teach the seminars himself. I have attended various QuickBooks seminars and know, without a doubt, that the Sleeter seminars are the most informative and best way to use QuickBooks. I always felt that Doug Sleeter knew the program, and he was in the trenches working the program just like I do. He analyzed different ways to do accounting and figured out the best way to use the program. I know that when I teach from this system, I am giving my students the best there is to give."

"We created the QuickBooks Seminar System to make it easier for experienced professionals in the accounting industry to teach QuickBooks without having to recreate the wheel", said Douglas Sleeter, founder and president of The Sleeter Group. "Our QuickBooks Seminar System is the least expensive way for accounting professionals to get QuickBooks education out there, compared to other products that cost thousands more."

The QuickBooks Seminar System is available for only $695 from The Sleeter Group's online store at www.sleeterstore.com, or at 888-484-5484 or +1-925-416-6300. Seminar student workbooks are only $29 each.


The Sleeter Group is a network of small business technology experts. Its members provide consulting services to small business owners in the accounting software and business process design areas. The group provides QuickBooks training resources to users and consultants including textbooks, reference books, expert level Webinars, the annual accounting consulting conference, a consultant membership network, practice management tools, teaching systems, expert level technical support, and a free online newsletter. Through a network of over 600 independent consultants and small- to medium-sized accounting firms, The Sleeter Group serves over 250,000 small businesses each year.

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