QuickBooks Offers Training Course via the Web

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Intuit and DigitalThink, a provider of e-learning solutions, are now offering a QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro training program via the Web.

"QuickBooks training on the Web is one more way Intuit is making it easier for small business owners to learn more about all QuickBooks has to offer - anytime, anywhere," said QuickBooks spokesman, Peter Karpas. "Through our association with DigitalThink, Intuit is able to deliver a modular curriculum so users can focus on a specific area at their convenience without leaving the home or office."

These online training programs will be offered at $79.95 per course. Once you purchase the training program, you will be able to access that session for up to 90 days. The Getting Started with QuickBooks online course can be purchased at IntuitMarket.

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