QuickBooks: New Solutions for Small & Mid-Market Firms

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QuickBooks 2006, which hit the shelves last week, is being called the most significant update to the nation's leading small business management software so far. Along with a new, easier to use interface, a redesigned QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace and other features, QuickBooks 2006 users will find the support experience to be easier and more efficient. QuickBooks Premier 2006 earned a perfect 5-out-of-5 star rating to receive the Editors' Choice award from PC Magazine for the fourth consecutive year.

“Getting help from a company is something that we all know is a less-than-perfect experience,” Charlie Hartman of Signature Pointe Home and Garden Accents in Boise, Idaho, said in the statement from Intuit announcing the release of QuickBooks 2006. “That's why getting help with QuickBooks was such a great surprise.”

“First they offered 30 days of free callback support when I needed it most – getting up and running with new software. Then they did something that completely exceeded my expectations,” he adds. “When I had a question, they offered me the choice of submitting it online and having someone call me back with the right answer. Rather than having to wait on hold during busy work hours, I got the answer when someone called me back – saving me precious time that I spent with my customers.”

The revamped QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace provides users with access to a huge variety of QuickBooks compatible software solutions and makes it easier to find the solution that meets their needs. These solutions, which number in the hundreds, are available for a range of industries and business functions.

Even with these updates, some successful businesses will have out grown QuickBooks: Simple Start (entry level solution) and QuickBooks: Pro and QuickBooks: Premier (including industry –specific editions), which is why Intuit also offers a solution for mid-market companies called QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. A new release of this powerful business management tool, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0, arrived in stores on November 7. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 offers users faster performance, a 50 percent increase in scalability and robust new inventory features thus eliminating many of the barriers that have made deploying mid-market solutions so dissatisfying for many firms in the past.

“The new release of Enterprise Solutions gives mid-sized companies robust performance and increased functionality, but with the same easy-to-use interface that has made QuickBooks the number one accounting solution in the small business market,” Laurie McCabe, vice president, SMB Insights and Business Solutions, AMI Partners, said in a statement from Intuit announcing the release of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0. “With a new SQL database and improved inventory, QuickBooks Enterprise is an attractive alternative to mid-market ERP solutions.”

Enterprise Solutions is built on Sybase's iAnywhere embedded database, supporting 15 concurrent users and improving performance on real-world tasks by three to five times. A new Sales Order Fulfillment feature provides a single view of all pending orders allowing businesses to base shipping decisions on projected revenue, customer value and other key factors. Another new feature, Available to Promise, reports the exact amount of inventory on hand, including where it is committed, when it is needed and what is on order. This feature, which was previously available only in packages costing thousands of dollars, simplifies a company's ability to commit to product delivery dates, or to borrow inventory tagged for later delivery or less critical orders.

“After outgrowing Peachtree, we looked at mid-market products from Great Plains, Navison to MAS 90. We chose MAS 90, but after a three month implementation and over $25,000, we realized that the learning curve was way too steep and a half dozen processes within the product were totally burdensome,” Bill Lawrence, president, CEO and founder of Bubbles Car Wash in Houston, Texas, said in an statement from Intuit. “We made the move to Enterprise Solutions and were up and running in 7 days with no problems. With the new database and ability to increase the number of concurrent users, we expect it will be our solution for years to come.”


QuickBooks: Premier (including industry-specific editions) is priced at $399.95. A five-user pack is $1,399.95.

QuickBooks: Pro is priced at $199.95. The five-user pack is $699.95.

The entry-level QuickBooks: Simple Start retails for $99.95.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is priced at $3,000 for a five-seat license, $4,500 for a ten-seat license and $6,000 for a 15-seat license. All Enterprise Solutions packages include a 12-month service plans entitling companies to 24/7 technical support, product upgrades, data recovery and reporting services, interactive training tools and automatic renewals.

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