Pocket Quicken Speaks to the Palm

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Quicken, the leading personal finance software program, is now available in a version for Palm Powered handheld computers. People who own the little handheld computers can now track their personal finance information anytime and anywhere they go with the new Pocket Quicken 2.0.

The software connects to the desktop version and synchronizes to provide those who compute on-the-go with account balances, credit limits, transaction histories, exchange rates, and more. Set-up is simple with a single press of the HotSync® button which transfers full account details, past transactions, categories, classes, currencies, and memorized payees between the handheld and the desktop computers.

The user may use the handheld computer to enter transactions, perform various sorts of data, and to access contact names, phone numbers, and other information.

Pocket Quicken can access several years of data while only using a small fraction of available memory on the handheld.

New features of the program include budget maintenance, foreign currency support, a security feature that requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access, color support, the option of showing either the current or the ending balance when viewing accounts, and a built-in calculator.

It is reported that Big Five accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers will begin recommending Palm handhelds to clients as a way to increase profits by making employees more productive. The two companies will work together to help businesses incorporate handhelds into their existing information-technology systems. They also will develop and market products that give companies mobile access to existing software, such as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning programs.

Pocket Quicken can be downloaded. Retail cost is $39.95, and special upgrading pricing is available for owners of Pocket Quicken 1.0. Pocket Quicken 2.0 supports all US and Canadian versions of Quicken 99 and later versions.

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