Oregon Town Becomes a Dot-Com

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It was only a matter of time.

Individuals and businesses have been flocking to the Internet in record numbers over the past couple of years, so why not an entire town?

Yesterday, the town of Halfway, Oregon officially changed it's name to Half.com, prompted by a successful lobbying effort by a dot-com company of the same name.

Half.com, a business that sells half-priced books and movies over the Internet, approached the town leadership last month asking if they would be interested in changing the name of their town in exchange for 20 computers for the schools, $75,000 for civic improvement, a website for the city, and free websites for the businesses of the city of Halfway, Oregon, a town with a population of 360.

Media attention in the last couple of days has been incredible (we fell for it!) and has probably resulted in millions of dollars in publicity for the company.

So, with the City Council's approval on Wednesday, the world's first dot-com city was born. And Half.com -- the business -- has pulled off one of the most successful publicity stunts in Internet history!

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