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Mike Giardina and Alessandra Lezama at Accelerate 2017
Accelerate 2017_AccountingWEB
Mike Giardina and Alessandra Lezama at Accelerate 2017

OfficeTools CEO: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

Jun 21st 2017
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It was business as usual at the OfficeTools Accelerate 2017 conference in Las Vegas, just three weeks after the professional productivity software company was acquired by legal specialist AbacusNext.

On Wednesday morning, OfficeTools founder Mike Giardina took the stage at the 10th Accelerate conference at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas alongside his new boss, AbacusNext chief executive Alessandra Lezama.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Giardina told the customers in his audience. “I’ve got a great desire to do something big – but I’m going to have some help now.”

Lezama stepped up to reassure accountants that AbacusNext had the credentials to take OfficeTools to the next level. During the past 30 years, the company built up a portfolio of applications to bring everything legal professionals needed to run their businesses into a unified package of fully managed processes.

Having added OfficeTools, the hosting platform Cloudnine Realtime, and CRM developer Results Software in recent months, AbacusNext was now equipped to bring similar capabilities to the accountancy market.

“We come bearing gifts to the accounting profession. We want to fuel Mike’s vision and develop OfficeTools’ capabilities to bridge any gap that stands in your way,” Lezama said.

Cloudnine has been hosting OfficeTools online since 2012. When the AbacusNext team started talking with Giardina earlier this year, “We saw there were so many similarities. We had so much experience serving legal professionals that we could share and bring to the accounting profession,” Lezama said.

“Fast-forward and here we are. We have a team of 370 tech professionals at everyone’s disposal. It’s our mission to enable your success by helping you maximize revenue, reduce costs, and be more effective. Our mission is to enable your success by providing end-to-end solutions.

“We put very tight handcuffs on Mike because we recognize all the experience he has.”

Later on in the proceedings at Accelerate 2017, Giardina previewed the fourth generation, software-as-a-service edition of the company’s WorkSpace suite.

The tie-up with AbacusNext ensures that both the existing desktop edition and hosted versions will remain available, while OfficeTools focuses its efforts on delivering the cloud version this year - in time for the 2018 tax season.

“The choice is yours,” said Giardina. “Eighty per cent of the market is not on cloud. We want to support you on any platform.

“Will it change? Yes - though we don’t know when.”


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