News from the Cloud: Cloud computing is high on Obama agenda

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President Obama has high ambitions for cloud computing, as described in this wrap up from our sister site, BusinessCloud9.

Details of several pilot programs aimed at delivering cost efficiencies have been outlined in Obama's 2010 budget request which will "utilize more fully and broadly departmental and agency architectures to identify enterprise-wide common services and solutions with a new emphasis on Cloud Computing."

The document adds: "The Federal Government will transform its Information Technology Infrastructure by virtualizing data centers, consolidating data centers and operations, and ultimately adopting a Cloud Computing business model. Expected savings in the out-years, as more agencies reduce their costs of hosting systems in their own data centers, should be many times the original investment in this area." Read more....

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Sheep in the boardroom

The recent Teradata EMEA Universe saw the widespread use of the phrase 'social networking,' but in his seminar "Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom – How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work, and World", Soumitra Dutta spoke of the hostile reception the likes of Facebook and Twitter have received by corporations.

The contrasting architecture between traditional business hierarchies, and the more democratic structures of social networking Web sites, was highlighted as a key factor by Dutta. Despite that, Dutta pointed out that intelligent utilization of Web sites like Facebook and Twitter could see great rewards for companies, and should not be ignored – or feared. Read more....

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Google and the Business Cloud

As SAP tries to become more Google-like by launching Business Objects Explorer at its Florida event this week, Google Enterprise says its becoming more like Facebook. "We've looked at how people share information and developed our approach. It's collaborative, it's all about collaboration", says Robert Whiteside, Google's Head of Enterprise UK & Ireland in London. "It's about new and powerful technologies that enhance the user experience."

Google's remit, says Whiteside is "to organise all the Web's information." However Whiteside repeatedly echoed the mantra that today's Google is all about collaboration and connecting people. The implication to be drawn perhaps is that search is merely the window to it. If so, then the problem for Google is that search remains largely a solitary activity and businesses prefer to connect through social networks and other platforms in the cloud.

While acquisitions such as YouTube are growing their social networking and business capabilities, a "collaborative" mantra from Google suggests that a shift in business model is bubbling up through the ranks – in much the same way as innovation does from Google Labs ('Google Squared', spreadsheet-like forms of factual data, being the latest such example). Read more....

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