New Tech Tools Scream Smaller Size and Integrated Functions

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The technology tools coming out later this year all share one common trait: their size is smaller than their predecessors, and the technology enables the devices to integrate the functions performed today by several devices. Boy oh boy - can these things hum!

During the Personal Communications Showcase in New Orleans, vendors unveiled their new achievements in wireless communications, and the winners hands-down were palm-sized cellular phones that double as pagers and personal messaging centers.

Think you're technologically savvy? Think about how you outfit yourself and your accounting staff and you'll realize that you might provide as many as three devices-the pager, cell phone and Personal Digital Assistant like a Palm Pilot or other vendor hand-held device that operates on the Windows CE platform. Instead of three, the smarter devices will have one brain that can do the work of all three.

Wouldn't it be nice to have one instead of three? CPAs and other accounting professionals will need to assess their needs in light of the cost of this technology, but for those who were the first on their blocks to engage the new technologies, these devices may very well do the trick.

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