Monroe celebrates anniversary with launch of Ultimate calculator

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This year marks the celebration of Monroe Calculator's 98th birthday.

It's difficult to imagine what the world would be like today were it not for Monroe. Monroe, a company founded by Jay R. Monroe, introduced the first commercially available calculator in April of 1912. This calculator was the culmination of the inventive spirit of Frank Stephen Baldwin and his design of 1875 combined with the marketing skill and practicality of Jay R. Monroe. Without this seed and the unparalleled string of "firsts" in the calculator world, would there have been a computer? Or when, and for that matter, where would office automation be today?

Monroe instilled a historically rich, but extremely simple approach to its business philosophy - provide superior products combined with outstanding customer service, or as some call it - "The Monroe Spirit". This unprecedented Monroe Spirit continues today, ensuring every customer receives quality products created by true professionals and supported by a knowledgeable, experienced and tenured customer service team.

Monroe is unique in the calculator market. Since its founding nearly 100 years ago, Monroe has always sold directly to the end user. This marketing approach is used by no other calculator company today (and few ever embarked upon such a strategy). The benefits of this "hands on" interaction with real end users are numerous and cannot be understated. Perhaps the greatest is the derivative applicability of a Monroe calculator - more simply stated - its usefulness. Over the years hundreds of thousands of end users, tasked with solving numerous and diverse applications have shaped the Monroe calculator product line. 

Ask yourself the question, how can a product (any product) be designed without firsthand knowledge of how it is intended to be used and what problems(s) it will tasked to solve? Set apart from all others in product superiority and marketing strategy, Monroe continues to set the standards by which all others are measured. It is as if the words of Malcolm Monroe (son of Jay R. Monroe) continue to guide the company: "Progress is not made by taking pride in standards past or present, but by examining these standards critically, by setting ever higher goals, and by working toward their fulfillment."

So how does today's Monroe stack up?

  • The products today are incomparable. Functionally superior with unmatched durability.
  • The company's staff is the most knowledgeable and experienced in the business, and committed to the enduring success of Monroe. A staff that knows the value of loyal customers. One that continually safeguards those relationships while finding new customers upon which to build its future.
  • The marketing focus of the company embraces the challenges of today's business topography - namely, delivering the finest products made and the best customer service available anywhere from anyone.

In conjunction with the 98th anniversary celebration, Monroe has announced the availability of its New Monroe Ultimate. The Ultimate replaces the high end Pro and Classic models.

"Monroe's Ultimate is really a collaborative effort between Monroe and the end user", said Dick Roberts, Monroe's CEO. "Monroe has always worked closely with the actual end user exploring ways to simplify work routinely performed. From this interaction with our customers and based upon firsthand knowledge of their figure-work, we design the functionality of our calculators. In a world of `off the shelf' our approach is quite unique." 

The new Monroe Ultimate is a triumph in purposeful design. Its' physical attributes include an enclosed paper roll to prolong the life of the calculator, a spare supplies storage area to minimize wasted time, huge display, and Monroe's trademark IKT (individual keyswitch technology) responsive keyboard. The functional attributes are extensive, but according to Roberts",It's simply the best adding machine ever produced. The new editing feature has really gained traction within our user community and is quickly becoming a new feature standard for all calculators. Of course, Monroe is accustomed to pioneering new functionality."

For additional information on Monroe's Ultimate contact Dick Roberts or visit The Monroe Ultimate is available for immediate delivery.

  • If you are looking for a company that develops and delivers the finest calculator available, look no further than Monroe.
  • If you are looking for a company where the customer experience is valued above mere profit, look no further than Monroe.
  • If you are looking for a company where a live, knowledgeable person answers the phone, call Monroe.

Jason Froage, Controller of Burns Flat Cooperative in Burns Flat, OK, shared his experience with the Monroe Service Center.

May 5, 2010

Re: Monroe 4130 (P516562)

To Whom It May Concern:

Too many times the back-bone of a company is overlooked for the recognition it rightfully deserves. I am referring to the Customer Service division of Monroe Systems for Business. Today that much overlooked recognition shall be sought after and delivered accordingly.

At this moment I say",Thank you. Thank you for the superior craftsmanship put into fixing my calculator. Thank you for the reassurance given to me over the phone that things would be done properly and professionally. You have made a positive and loyal customer for life."

And the story shall be told: On April 1, I called your company and told the operator that I had some questions regarding repairs on my Monroe 4130 calculator. I was promptly put through to Customer Service (CS). A man named Bill took my call and was very understanding of my personal attachment to my old machine. He suggested that I send the unit in for a flat rate repair and then he took the time to describe how CS would go through the machine from top to bottom making it to be "new" again.

I would be lying, if I said I was not hesitant, but I sent CS my calculator anyway. They received the unit on April 13. I called CS on April 14 and once again spoke to Bill. He told me what had been done to the machine and then told me that it had been shipped out that day. I can not describe the anticipation I felt knowing that my "old colleague" was returning home. This machine and I have been together for many, many miles of auditing adventures (from Idaho over to Missouri and even went down to Old Mexico).

I received my package on April 20. The box looked a little creased... when opened I was sickened at what lay in front of me. The 4130 had been crushed in shipping. The keys were dislodged and the bottom portion of the case was broke. I quickly called CS and spoke with a very nice woman, Mary. She was very understanding and wanted to resolve this matter quickly, so she emailed me a return label for shipping at no cost to me.

I then had her transfer me to Bill. Bill calmed me down and told me a horror story about another machine that he successfully revived from death. His confidence and reassurance held me together for another week.

On May 4, my Monroe 4130 came home. She's a beauty. Thanks to everyone and their hard work that made it all possible. Now I can put the 7130 away for awhile... because nothing will ever "add up" to the 4130. Please share this story with your colleagues and friends.


Jason Froage, Controller

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