Marketing Strategy Set for Sage Cloud Line

Jul 29th 2015
Managing Editor
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Himanshu Palsule discusses Sage Impact

After a recent intense workshop, Sage realized its go-to-market strategy for cloud products Sage Live and Impact will be to reach more progressive accountants where they already are – through their forward-thinking clients and in the cloud.

The workshop, which involved an international panel of accountants and known accounting profession influencers, revealed that for now the best way to reach the target market for these respective cloud products would be through a mix of SEO, digital marketing, and even through small businesses that have fully embraced the cloud.

Jennifer Warawa, Sage's global vice president of product marketing for accountants, also noted that other issues were discussed during this panel of accountants and influencers, and a transcript of the findings should be available soon.

“What I can say is the biggest takeaway from that meeting concerned the shift for firms to a digital world and how they are dealing with it,” said Warawa. “Accountants are seeing [the shift] as both a challenge and an opportunity.”

The same workshop also resulted in the name change of Sage Life to Sage Live in order to “better reflect what it does,” according to Doug LaBahn, global vice president of product marketing for Sage Live, who stressed its ability to deliver real-time data to any mobile device businesses and accountants use, including the new Apple Watch.

Both LaBahn and Warawa concurred Live and Impact would have a more focused appeal for accountants, as well as the businesses they work with; more specifically, users who are already regularly utilizing cloud applications and work in a more mobile fashion.

“Live can be very enabling for the right firm; these are the ‘cloud lovers' who are using multiple apps,” said LaBahn. “And in working with businesses, most clients don't want to get in and play around with the GL; they want to see the performance. Innovators can now know everything they need to and not configure the GL; the accountant sets that up for their clients. They can give them the dashboard and get the insight they want into their business right within Live.”

For those still unaware, Sage unveiled Sage Live and Sage Impact back in May. Live came about through a partnership with Salesforce, which is helping Sage combine CRM with whatever general ledger product businesses or accountants are using – though it's more for those who are "running out of runway with QuickBooks," to quote Sage's head of strategy, Himanshu Palsule. Live ultimately allows for the creation of a dashboard that offers insight into a business activity and financial status. This dashboard can be viewed on any mobile device.

Sage Impact is a bit different. This is a platform geared toward allowing firms that work with multiple cloud-based applications to access them in one place rather than having to log in and utilize each one individually.

“What we're building for accountants is global, and I will oversee global and local messaging for our products, including Live and Impact,” added Warawa. “You will see more momentum this way. I think it has been to our detriment that we haven't done this sooner. We have a common story now.”


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