Little books offer big help in the world of social networking

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A book publishing company in Cupertino, CA has made a publishing genre out of the concept of social networking. With a smorgasbord of titles designed to help anyone who has a desire to get up to speed in this area, the folks at the company that calls itself Happy About are completely in touch with Web 2.0. Here is a sampling of their titles.

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I'm on LinkedIn - Now What???
You've signed on to LinkedIn, but what do you do next? This guide describes what LinkedIn is, how to set up your account and your profile, how to connect with others, and then delves into how you can make your affiliation with LinkedIn work for you. Learn how to find people, use the site to help with job searches, the benefits of giving and receiving recommendations, participate in groups, and use the question and answer forums.

I'm on Facebook - Now What???
Facebook isn't just for college students anymore. It seems that everyone from presidential candidates to shift laborers has a page on Facebook. Sign-up is free, but then what? How do you find your way around the site, search for friends, build communities, share ideas, post pictures, allow (or not allow) others to see your information? How can you promote your business, create events, check out your competition, build your community, and get value from the program? Before you get overwhelmed, learn the ins and outs of Facebook with this book.

Twitter Means Business: How Microblogging Can Help or Hurt Your Company
Are you tweeting? It seems like everyone is tweeting. But can you really enhance your business in 140 characters or less? "Twitter Means Business" shows you how you can get serious about tweeting and make the program really work for you. See case studies of other companies that are using Twitter successfully and learn their secrets for improving their business with the use of tweets. Find out how to engage customers, employees, and potential business contacts through Twitter chatter. You'll be amazed at the ways this unique tool is being used by businesses.

42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn
Take LinkedIn to a new level and learn how to develop your business, find a job, communicate on a professional level, build your network, make effective recommendations, and improve your overall experience with LinkedIn. This book shows readers how to leverage the power of social networking to build business success.

Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting
You've mastered the basics of LinkedIn. If you're ready to use LinkedIn to search for potential employees, this little guide will show you the way. And if you're looking for a job, you can learn how the recruiters are using LinkedIn so that you can position yourself to be seen. According to the authors",The recruiter who will stand out and excel in the industry today will be someone who has learned to harness the power of LinkedIn."

Happy About Online Networking
This guide has it all. Learn about the overall world of online networking, who does it and why. Learn how to choose social networks, which types of groups are best for your own purposes, reasons for social networking, make the most of E-mail list-servs, online networking etiquette, tips for growing your business, networking resources, and creating an online networking plan.

Collaboration 2.0: Technology and Best Practices for Successfl Collaboration in a Web 2.0 World
Learn how to use technology to collaborate more effectively. This book is written for people who use any type of collaboration technology from IM/Chat to a virtual team space. According to the publisher, the book is most beneficial for teams, groups, departments, cross-organizational teams and distributed organizations that are looking at some of the Web 2.0 technologies focused on communication, collaboration and interaction. The introduction to the book points out that",From global warming to alleviation of powerty to stemming the population explosion to reducing the treat of 'weapons of mass effects,' the human family needs to learn how to work together better very quickly and to become adept at using the best tools for doing so."

Tales from the Networking Community
Real-life stories of doing business through networking. Learn the five-step networking process (Creating Awareness, Generating Interest, Building Trust, Developing Desire, and Closing), and discover that networking is a combination of art and science.

I've Got a Domain Name - Now What???
Actually the title of this book is misleading, because it really starts with the process of obtaining a domain name. Where you do get a name and then what do you do with it once you've got it? Learn how to register your domain, how to get e-mail through your new domain, put your domain name on a Web site, make your Web site visible to the search engines, and make your site easy to find.


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