Launch of upgraded Microsoft Windows mobile version imminent?

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A number of sources are speculating that Microsoft will launch an interim update to its Windows Mobile, version 6.5, software at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain in February – possibly to be designated as Windows Mobil 6.6. This, it is also rumored, could be in lieu of introducing the much anticipated major overhaul of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 7 software in 2010, maybe pushing back the new version 7 launch until early 2011.

It is widely acknowledged that the aging Windows Mobile 6.5, a facelift of even earlier versions, is in great need of an upgrade to maintain or regain competitiveness in the ruthless and fast-paced mobile phone marketplace, increasingly dominated by touch screen devices based on technology not supported by the current version of Windows mobile.

Microsoft is under pressure to update Windows Mobile 6.5 with features such as support for capacitive touch screens with advanced touch applications capabilities to help stop the switch of mobile phone manufacturers to more advanced operating systems such as those incorporated in the iPhone and Android based platforms.

Also raised, has been the possibility that Microsoft would at least “show the flag” by giving a presentation, perhaps with demo, of Windows Mobile 7 at the MWC.

Most believe that Microsoft must launch a version of Windows Mobile with advanced touch screen capabilities by summer 2010 in order to allow for manufacturers time to have phones based on this software ready for the 2010 holiday season.

Since announcements by some major manufacturers, notably Nokia, that they will be skipping or downplaying participation at the MWC this year, it is speculated that Microsoft could have a big splash to themselves if they were to launch an important upgrade of Windows Mobile in at the congress in Barcelona, February 15-18, 2010..

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