Largest Job Board Web Directory Launched

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Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS), the global leader in e-recruitment training and information services, has launched the AIRS Job Board Directory - the largest collection of Internet job boards. The new Web site, with over 3,000 links to job boards, is classified into hundreds of specialty areas.

According to AIRS analysts, the number of job boards has exploded since 1998 as newspapers, radio stations, Internet portals, trade publications, professional organizations, and Internet communities of all types have realized that offering jobs is a way to serve their audiences.

The result has been a proliferation of niche sites catering to various skills, corporate functions, professions, industries, ethnic groups, countries, regions, towns, and special interest groups. For recruiters, this maze of sites can be overwhelming and virtually impossible to navigate. Yet the thousands of smaller, niche job boards represent an opportunity to go deep into the Web to advertise at a lower cost to highly defined audiences of passive candidates.

AIRS plans to build a gateway to these niche sites, helping recruiters and employers connect to the specialized audiences they need at a fraction of the cost of working with the mega-sites. Recruiters can search for job boards by name or drill-down through a directory of industries, functions, skills, and specialty areas like diversity, college, and executive search - all sorted by country, region, state, and metro area.

AIRS Job Boards Directory is free to all and can be viewed at


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