KPMG and Microsoft Find New Way to Hold Hands

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The Bill Gates prophecy is for a world where all computers can communicate easily with one another, fueled by the vision that that the electronic language computers will use will be a common language. This is no dream, but a reality that can be accomplished with the use of XML, or Extensible Markup Language, a procedure whereby any type of data can be transcribed and transported easily and quickly.

To accomplish this enhancement in electronic communication, Microsoft has developed a product called BizTalk Server, which is to be released this fall.

KPMG has announced plans to partner with Microsoft by releasing a package of software and consulting services that will help companies make the transition to the BizTalk Server. KPMG's new service, Dot.Ramp, will enable companies to install BizTalk, Windows 2000, and Microsoft's SQL Server database.

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