Keyboard Help For Non-Techies

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Do you ever wonder what the F4 key does on your keyboard? Or what that symbol is between the Ctrl and Alt key on your keyboard? Or what ALL THOSE KEYS that you never use on your keyboard actually do?

For those of us who don't spend our day worrying about this sort of stuff, but, on sleepless nights wonder just what these keyboard shortcuts are that everyone talks about, this site is for you.

Brought to you from none other than Microsoft itself, there is a site on the Web that provides Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows.

It's a little technical, and you may not ever need to perform some of the functions, much less know the shortcut to do them, but it might just let you relax after spending hours worrying about what happens when you hit WINDOWS +D (minimizes all open windows and returns you to the desktop.)

Happy shortcutting!

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