Intuit Unveils Simplified Software for Small Businesses

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Intuit Inc.announced last week a new software solution for small businesses looking for a simpler way to manage the most common business tasks, so they confidently know where their business stands.

QuickBooks(r): Simple Start, priced at less than $100, delivers breakthrough ease- of-use, and focuses exclusively on three business tasks: tracking money coming in, money going out, and maintaining crucial records such as tax receipts, customer data, and vendor information.

Intuit designed Simple Start for the approximately 9 million small business owners who still rely on pencil and paper, Excel spreadsheets or shoeboxes to track expenses and keep their business records. The product includes essential tools small businesses need to create invoices, pay bills, print checks, generate reports and perform other tasks needed to know where their business stands with confidence.

"This is exactly what I've been looking for. It makes my business life simple," said Diane Ferrero Paluzzi of Patientspeak Consulting, a beta tester. "I needed something simple, with zero setup time that still gives me the confidence to know what I am doing is right, and that nothing important slips through the cracks."

Customers can enjoy the productivity benefits of Simple Start right away due to its easily accessible and familiar Web-like interface. Most businesses are fully up and running in 30 minutes - less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered.

There are no manuals to read and small businesses owners don't have to know accounting or accounting jargon because the software helps them perform essential business tasks using common, familiar terms like "money in" versus "receivables," and "invoices that haven't been paid" versus "aging report."

Simple Start helps to compile business records in one place. Business owners can create reports on profit and loss, sales, expenses and more with a single click.

"Intuit is making business management easier and more accessible than ever by presenting tasks the way small businesses think about them - tracking money in and money out," said Steve Bennett, Intuit's president and chief executive officer. "Intuit's Simple Start for desktop and online helps address the needs of both new and existing businesses with the tools to perform the financial tasks that they need to do. It's one of the simplest solutions available to help small business owners have confidence that nothing is slipping through the cracks, so they can focus on what's important - getting and serving customers."

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