Intuit teams with Tommy Silk to create Jingle Generator for small businesses

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Need a jingle for your business? Intuit, makers of QuickBooks software, has created a new Web site called the Intuit QuickBooks Jingle Generator. This automated process enables you to work with rock producer Tommy Silk to create your own personalized jingle.

The first step entails choosing a business type. There are 20 categories to choose from, including Accounting Services, Real Estate, Consulting Services, Small Business (Other), Nonprofit/Causes, Restaurant/Catering, Retail/Shopping, and more. "Never forget the three R's of a small business jingle: Rock, Roll, and Revenue!" says Silk in the background as you're making your choices.

After choosing a company type, you can customize your jingle with the name of your company (or any other brief text you want to use). You can call in and say your information on the phone, or you enter your information on the keyboard. Once your information is entered or phoned in, a jingle is composed and your company information is overlaid while a song is performed in the background.

You might see amusing comments on the screen while you wait, like "Rock'n'roll is like a cash cow you don't have to feed," and "The bigger the hair, the bigger the profits."

Once completed, the jingle is performed online, with lyrics appropriate to your business. For example, an accounting business jingle included lyrics like: "Balancing your books every single day, I keep my calculator close by," and "So many entries that will guide my way, I just want to crunch your numbers today."

There were some kinks in the process. My phone number was read to sound like a very large amount instead of a phone number. But it's an amusing process and you can download the jingle and use it at no charge.

Give it a try! Create your own customized jingle today!

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