Integrated Process Model Increases Efficiency By 50 Percent

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The guys over at PricewaterhouseCoopers have just teamed up with the folks at to jointly offer a process modeling software that will increase efficiency by as much as 50 percent.

The Micrografx software, iGrafx Process with iGrafx IDEFO, will work with PwC's Performance Improvement Approach, Ascendent (TM) PI. The software will help the consultants at PwC improve current mapping processes and add real value to its consulting clients.

By utilizing the new software, PwC and its clients will increase process design efficiency by up to 50 percent. In short, the new process will hit the floor faster than was previously possible. The new software is flexible and allows for all industries to use it to improve their processes.

As companies race to roll out their e-businesses and fight off competition, they will turn to improving efficiency in their processes. Consultants offering process design are seeing a surge in the demand for these services. PwC's new software has already been successful in a number of North American and European companies.

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