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How to Fix QuickBooks Payments Unrecoverable Errors

May 19th 2016
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If you are using the Intuit QuickBooks Payments service to process payments in your QuickBooks desktop file, sometimes you will get an unrecoverable error where QuickBooks will show an error message and crash. I’ve not seen any support discussions on these particular errors, so let’s discuss a quick fix that you may find useful if you run into this situation.

I’ve run into this problem multiple times with my own QuickBooks file, working with QuickBooks Accountant 2015. I select Make Merchant Service Deposits from the Banking menu, sign in to my QuickBooks Payments account, and BOOM, I get an unrecoverable error window. I hate these because it always means that I have to figure out what is causing some odd error in my system.

QB Pay 1

There are a number of different code values that I’ve seen for this kind of problem, and I never can find a reference to them in the Intuit support system. QuickBooks error code 19561 68749 seems to be the one I’m getting the most, lately.

I know that there are some payments to process because I can log in to my merchant account via a browser and see that they are waiting to be posted.

QB Payments 1

There is a series of steps that you can go through that I’ve found will usually resolve this issue. Try each of these in turn until you find that the problem is resolved. Different solutions have worked in different situations.

  1. Easiest thing to check is to see if you have Internet Explorer 11. Intuit has dropped support for older versions, although that might not affect your QuickBooks desktop installation. But it will be the first thing that you are asked if you call Intuit support.
  2. Delete your browsing history and cache from Internet Explorer. This only takes a few moments. This rarely resolves this problem, but it might, and it is easy to do.
  3. Another step that was suggested to me by Intuit support, which I haven’t seen make a difference, but is easy also to do: On the Advanced tab in your Internet Options in Internet Explorer, click the Restore advanced settings button.
  4. Try the Rebuild Data function in your Edit/Utilities menu. If there are any errors, this can sometimes interfere with things. I don’t recommend this if you are storing credit card numbers or employee Social Security numbers in your QuickBooks file, unless you are sure that your file is in good shape to begin with. In some releases of QuickBooks we sometimes see a corruption problem that is created in this situation (not always, but be careful!). This is one of the reasons why I like to use an outside payment system (such as Intuit QuickBooks Payments, or Bill & Pay), so that credit card information isn’t stored in my database. That information is encrypted, and sometimes the encryption system creates problems.
  5. The most common solution to the QuickBooks Payments unrecoverable errors problem that I’ve found is to do a Repair of the QuickBooks program itself. About 90 percent of the time this is the only solution. Select the QuickBooks program in the Programs and Features section of your Windows Control Panel. Click the Uninstall/Change link and select the Repair option. This will go through and reset many of the program features and settings. This takes a bit more time than the prior solutions, at least with my small company file.

QB Payments 2

Note that you may get a series of error messages similar to the following. In my installations, clicking Ignore let the process continue, and so far I’ve never run into any problems that I’m aware of.

QB Payments 4

In the multiple occasions where this error has occurred on my own system, the most common fix was to Repair the program. Note that I have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed, and I’m always updating them to the latest revision, so perhaps I’m creating my own problems. On a few occasions, though, clearing the browser cache or rebuilding the QuickBooks file was all that was needed.

Hope this helps!

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