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How CPAs Can Select the Right Mix of Apps to Drive Their Business Forward

Nov 13th 2017
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Given today’s connected, cloud-enabled business world accounting professionals have more opportunity than ever to collaborate, automate tasks, and streamline workflow with an exploding number of productivity-boosting applications for various business tasks.  

At the same time, this presents its own set of challenges, namely exactly HOW you go about sifting through and finding the right apps to work with that integrate well with your current systems.

If you’re running your own CPA firm or work with small business clients in any way, having a rock-solid mix of connected applications for managing business processes, finances, and accounting functions offers huge benefits – but only if you select the best mix of apps.
Here’s a short list of best practices you can employ as you embark upon your search for that killer app.

1. Do Your Research

This first step can’t be stressed enough. From time tracking tools to billing programs, there are an abundance of applications that can help make everyday accounting and business tasks easier, so it is important to identify your existing business processes and needs before starting to layer on apps.

Once you have determined your business needs, shop around to select the most appropriate accounting app to make your business more streamlined and productive.

There are a number of key questions you need to be asking before making any decisions:

  • Does the application in question integrate with QuickBooks Desktop (or the accounting platform of your choice)?
  • What problem does the application solve for me or my client?
  • Can my customers and I work together in this application?
  • How will this application enhance the service I provide or streamline operations?
  • If you are working in a hosted environment, can the application be hosted?

2. Assess the Benefits

The most obvious benefit of working in the cloud is the unlimited number of applications that are all hosted in one place. It is no wonder that accounting professionals often opt for cloud-hosted application ecosystems that keep their business organized, limit waste and automate tasks.

Automation has become the cornerstone of today’s data entry process. When technology addresses data entry through automation and eliminates double data entry through application integrations, everyone wins.

With cloud-hosted apps, CPAs and accounting professionals can spend less time on activities that don’t add value and move away from form filing in order to strategize and plan for activities that will help their clients grow.  The benefit of working with the right mix of apps is that it can help your business grow.

3. Leave Reviews

Ultimitely, this task will make it easier for your colleagues to pick the right app at the right time. If you find a specific app to be particularly useful, it’s important to leave an appropriate review to build momentum for the developer so they might help others who face the same task.


The best accounting apps will streamline workflow by bringing together key tools such as combining expense management, online mail management, and accounting systems. This, in turn, allows for CPAs and their clients to manage end-to-end financial processes and gives them the power to focus on growing their business.

With the right tools and apps in place, you are perfectly positioned to succeed. Just be sure to take the time to consider a plan for your apps, what they solve for and how to search for the right ones!

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By Veer
Nov 17th 2017 01:45 EST

For making the most of the cloud computing, having the right mix of apps is very much necessary because it will allow the firm to unleash the real power of cloud. Thanks for sharing an ideal guide for making the right mix of apps for CPAs.

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