Five Business IT tips to make your firm a green champion

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Our sister site,, has shared with us some suggestions for greener use of technology from Business IT Guide.

1. Install Local Cooling, a freeware application that lowers your computer's power consumption and allows you to customize the amount of power you want to save. It tells you how much KWh you save and even the equivalent of trees.

2. Use a laptop rather than a desktop. Desktops, especially Intel P4 computers shipped between 2003 and 2005, are notorious for being power drains. Switching to a laptop will allow you to decrease as much as 75% of your power consumption.

3. Switch off computers and peripherals when not in use. When leaving your office, make sure that computers and screens are switched off as well as printers and other peripherals, with the exception of any backup devices.

4. Do not buy a full-fledged server/computer if you do not need one. Low power, low cost Multi Purpose Network Attached Storage (NAS) products are a perfect substitute for bulky servers. Alternatively, you could recycle an old computer into a fully functional NAS.

5. Recycle your paper instead of dumping it onto the street and possibly into the hands of crime gangs. Check your local paper and directory for green companies.

Source: 5 IT tips to make your company a green champion
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