Excel Tip: Perform Fast Calculations in Excel

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If you want to find the largest value in a series of cells, you can create a formula to do that (=MAX(cellrange)), but there is a an easier way to get the answer.

To view the largest value in a range of cells:

  1. Select the cells to be included in the range, and you will see the sum of the range displayed on the status bar, which is the horizontal area below the worksheet window.
  2. If the status bar is not displayed, click Status Bar on the View menu.
  3. Right-click the status bar, and then click Max. Now you can see the maximum value displayed on the status bar.

You can use the same technique to find the average, the sum, or the minimum value in the selected range. You can also count the cells that contain numbers by selecting Count Nums or count the number of occupied cells by selecting Count.

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