Excel Tip: Great Shortcut for Data Entry

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Here's a shortcut that will save time when you have a lot of data to enter in a block of columns and rows in your spreadsheet.

If you are entering data in a block of cells, you can enter information across the first row of the block by pressing Tab to move from one cell to the next.

When you are ready to enter information in the next row of cells, press Enter and you will be taken to the leftmost column of the block.

For example, say you need to enter data in the cells B3 through Q12. These are the steps you would follow to utilize this shortcut:

  • Enter information in cells B3, C3, D3, and so on across row three to cell Q3, pressing Tab after each cell entry.
  • After the last cell entry, press the Enter key. Your cellpointer will be returned to row 4, Cell B4.

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