Excel Tip: Correct Erroneous Dictionary Entries in Word and Excel

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Have you ever used the spell-checker in Word or Excel and clicked the Add button when you meant to click Change or Ignore? Suddenly a misspelled word has been added to your dictionary, and from now on, every time you type "acounting" instead of "accounting," the spell-checker blithely accepts your typing and ignores your shouts and pleas to correct the spelling of the word. All words that you add while using the spell-checker in any of the Microsoft Office programs (including Word and Excel), are saved in a file called Custom.dic. You can access this file from Word by choosing Tools, Options, Spelling, then click on the Dictionary button, click the filename and click Edit. Find your misspelled word (they're listed alphabetically), and delete the word (or correct the spelling). Choose File, Close, and indicate you want to save your changes when you are asked to do so. Now your spell-checker will once again prompt you when you misspell the word.

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