Dot-Info Domain Registry Reopens After Rocky Start

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Since June, people and companies have been registering for the opportunity to own the new Internet domain name, .info. Approximately 70 companies have been taking registrations with the intent of sending the registrations to Afilias, the .info registry, which opened for business on October 1.

As of Monday, October 1, the .info domain is available for open registration - now any person, company, or group can register a name and immediately own the name if it is available.

About 6,000 new registrations came in on October 1, causing Afilias to shut down. "[The system] was overwhelmed by the amount of business coming in," said Roland LaPlante, a vice president and chief marketing officer at Afilias.

The Afilias system returned to operation on Thursday, October 4, and will continue to take .info registrations. More than 360,000 .info names have been registered since late June.

Like the .com and .net domains, there are no restrictions on ownership of .info domains. Other domains are restricted to certain types of groups: .org is for organizations, .edu for educational institutions, .gov for government use, and .mil for military use.


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