David Maister Launches Marketing Masterclass Series of Podcasts

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This month, business guru David Maister launches the first in a series of unique, marketing podcasts for professional services firms. The first four of 14 podcasts will be available, free, on his web site, at www.davidmaister.com, beginning January 23. He will also be making the closing address at a live web conference hosted by Microsoft in tribute to the late Peter Drucker.

“These podcasts are designed to cover a range of marketing issues which can be easily overcome, but which professional services firms seem to consistently get wrong,” Maister explains.

Maister, a former Harvard Business School professor, is dedicated to assisting businesses promote and energize people to manage others more effectively – even when this may involve telling them things they don't want to hear. The topics covered in the podcasts include: becoming a trusted adviser, negotiating success targets and giving advice to clients.

“The reason I'm making these podcasts available is that I think it's extremely important that businesses realize how easy it is to increase their fee income through just being better advisers. It's not rocket science, but so many organizations fumble their way through client relationships so awkwardly that you'd think it was.”

Maister's new website makes thousands of dollars worth of consultancy wisdom available for free. “After a long career, I'm very proud to be able to make this resource available,” Maister says. The website also contains many frank, constructive articles and videos about where professional services firms are going wrong, and what they should do ensure staff are resourced and focused on making clients happy.

“I firmly believe that the best way for an individual or a company to showcase both their expertise and their dedication to client service is to prove they have something to offer by giving something for free,” Maister says. “Anyone who wants to test my theory can check out the resources available on www.davidmaister.com.”

In other news, Maister will join Tom Peters, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Frances Hesselbein in a tribute to Peter Drucker. Maister will deliver the closing address.


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