CPA Firm's Technology Initiative Benefits Clients, Team Members

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“CPA firms have historically been a little slow in embracing technology,” said Jeff Horsley, CPA-Miller & Company. “In order to take our capabilities and customer service to the next level, we agreed that an investment in the right technology would not only help make us more efficient, but would directly benefit our clients.”

Miller & Company committed to making its firm more efficient in four primary areas; significantly upgrading computer systems every 30 months, moving to a paperless office to allow for faster and more efficient transactions, incorporating an online tax organizer for individual preparers and the distribution of an electronic newsletter to clients designed to share firm news, the latest changes in business and accounting practices, and revisions to the tax law.

“The upgrades we've incorporated regarding our computer systems have included faster processors and oversized flat screens,” said Horsley, "allowing us to respond to our clients faster while reducing the eye strain for our team and making us much more efficient.

“The paperless office allows us to more efficiently accept and track all critical elements of our client's information and retrieve data quickly when needed,” added Horsley. “The electronic newsletter helps our business and individual clients stay abreast of the changes that occur in accounting practices and tax law, while the online tax organizer allows individual clients to submit their records via an interactive online form. The online form is especially appealing to our clients because it reduces the need to gather and mail cumbersome documents to the firm and speeds up the return preparation process.”

Tom Forkner, president of The Quin Group, a Norcross, GA-based commercial real estate firm, acknowledges Miller & Company's increased efficiency. “One of the things that impressed me was their ability to identify and incorporate technology that allows them to respond quickly to my firm's needs,” said Forkner “Technology-wise, we are usually a little ahead of everyone else, but Miller & Company is able keep up with us. Their efficiency takes into account how valuable our time is.”

Bill May, a Miller & Company client since 1996, touts the firm's online tax organizer capability. “Since I am located in Florida, it would have been a little time consuming to gather all my information, send it to Miller & Company and then have them input the information,” said May. “With their online tax organizer, I was able to input all my information at my leisure, have them quickly handle my return and file it electronically. This is so much easier than the way I used to file. I certainly will take advantage of this capability again next year.”

The incorporation of the technology allows Miller & Company to provide clients with more sophisticated answers to issues in less time. It also allows the firm to quickly assess key performance indicators that can assist clients with timely management decisions.

“Our focus will always be on helping our clients become more successful and more efficient,” said Horsley. “We will continue to invest in technology and incorporate things such as making our server available from secure remote locations, allowing our team to be more flexible and work with their clients better.”


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