Client Data Review: Year end productivity boost

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Get Ready for Year End. Accountants who have explored the QuickBooks Client Data Review Center tell us it will produce huge improvements in productivity. (The feature is available to you in the QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009, and to clients using QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2009. It is also available in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0.)

For example, take Bookkeeper Brenda Ellis. "This feature is such a HUGE timesaver and I plan to use it regularly," she says. "The Client Data Review feature will save me a significant amount of time by finding and pinpointing the exact discrepancies for quarter or year end clean-up of client files." More testimonials appear below.

Two Easy Steps Now Can Save Hours per Client at Year End

Step 1: See It Yourself. One good way to preview Client Data Review in action is to see the product information. Look for the "See Client Data Review In Action" link to launch a presentation that runs less than three minutes. Or try it yourself in your own copy of QuickBooks 2009.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Clients Upgrade to QuickBooks 2009 before Year End. You can only use Client Data Review if your client is on QuickBooks 2009 in either the Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions 9.0 editions. (As a reminder, accounting professionals need Enterprise Solutions to review files from clients with Enterprise Solutions.)

More about Client Data Review from Accounting Professionals

Saves Time

"I love this new feature and can see it saving me a lot of time for future engagements," says Gina Rodkey, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

"It will save much time," agrees Ralph Zink, another practitioner who reviewed the feature.

Saves Time in Taxes Too

We received fan mail on one particular feature in the collection of tools. "Thank you for the troubleshoot account balances tool in the 2009 product," says CPA and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Bryce Forney. "You're my hero for that feature. I just did a corporate tax return and it probably dropped an hour off of the time to complete!"

Organizes Work

"I like how the tool brings all the potential problems (and tools to find them) into a single place," says Paul Selby, Owner/President, Extend It Computers LLC.


QuickBooks practitioners who want to make productivity gains in cleaning up their clients' books in the last weeks of 2008 are well advised to check out Client Data Review in QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2009 and get themselves and their clients onto QuickBooks 2009 Pro or Premier too. These two steps should position them to take full advantage of this new feature.


*Client Data Review works between QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 and client company files in Pro or Premier 2009. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant 9.0 works with client data from Enterprise Solutions 9.0. You also have access to the Client Data Review tools from directly within the client's QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2009 or Enterprise Solutions 9.0 via an External Accountant log-in.

Source: Intuit

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