CCH Continues Enhancing <i>Tax Research Consultant</I>

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“We've added content, made it more accessible than ever and continued to add time-saving tools that speed researchers to their end results – not just theoretical answers, but answers they can immediately use with their clients,” Jane Hoffman, CPA, CCH product manager, said in a prepared statement.


For 2006, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer company, has added more than 60 new chapters on corporate reorganizations, net operating losses and consolidated returns to Tax Research Consultant. In addition, all the material in the Tax Research Consultant has been made more accessible.

“We've made it easier than ever to get where you want to go quickly,” Hoffman said.

Topics are introduced by a “Fundamental Concepts” chapter designed to provide a clear and thorough introduction to the topics covered. The “Fundamental Concepts” are written in question-and-answer format, and now can jump directly from an introductory list of questions to the specific answer that interests them. In addition, a single click on an “information” icon next to each chapter brings up a thumbnail summary.

“There's no need to scroll through a long chapter to see if it covers the material you want,” Hoffman explained.

Another enhancement is that “New Developments” are now highlighted with a light yellow background to set them apart from explanations. A “New Developments” button, located at the top of an explanation section, permits the user to jump directly to the discussion of the new development.

“Users can tell at a glance whether there are new developments affecting their issue, and jump right to them,” Hoffman added.

Recently added are more than 25 new tools and interactive research aids – including decision trees for determining business use of an automobile and separating personal property components from buildings; interactive examples of determining the required tax year for partnerships and analyzing permissible contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) interactive charts for retirement plans, where to file and disaster areas – they go beyond stating the rules to applying them.

“Finding the law is just part of tax research,” said Hoffman. “These tools let practitioners take the next step and apply the rules to their clients' fact situations, all within the Tax Research Consultant.”

Along with the explanations in the Tax Research Consultant, subscribers also receive a number of useful and authoritative tools and publications including:

  • Daily Tax News
  • Tax Legislation
  • Internal Revenue code and Regulations, with complete CCH legislative history;
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publications
  • IRS Actuarial Factors Finding Tool
  • IRS Revenue Rulings and Revenue Procedures
  • Letter Rulings and IRS Positions
  • CCH Perform Plus II Forms
  • U.S. Master Tax Guide
  • U.S. Master Estate and Gift Tax Guide
  • U.S. Master GAAP Guide
  • Social Security Benefits Explained
  • Taxes – The Tax Magazine
  • Federal Tax Weekly
  • CCH Client Letter Toolkit
  • CCH Depreciation Toolkit
  • Sales Tax Deduction Toolkit
  • CCH Election and Compliance Toolkit
  • Practice and Procedure Guides and
  • Business and Tax Preparation Calculators


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