Career Benefits for CPAs Who Obtain Their CITP

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By Grant Webb, Bisk Education 

For CPAs seeking additional professional versatility, the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) certificate offers many benefits, including increased earning potential. Offered only to CPAs in current good standing, the CITP certificate demonstrates comprehension of a rigorous set of personal standards and detailed professional acumen to prospective employers and clients. The CITP credential allows a CPA to offer highly specific and sought-after knowledge regarding a company's related information technology (IT) assurance and management. In addition to these distinctions, the CITP certificate promotes other advantageous outcomes.

Strong comprehensive knowledge

Whether you desire to work with a large firm or consult, CITP certification lets clients know that you are highly trained and deeply committed to your professional development and career longevity. With added versatility and the prospects of interfacing in more secure environments, CITP certification can increase earning potential and set you apart from the competition when it comes to offering clients the most comprehensive knowledge possible. 

CITP certification offers professionals a rich diversity of skills from which to develop strong professional relationships that offer businesses more of what they need to secure and maintain the competitive edge.

Rising to leadership

CITP-credentialed professionals contribute to the highest standards in the field and may also serve as mentors for junior level professionals. Through remaining active in professional organizations and testing best practice knowledge, CITP professionals help develop their field as they interact with one another to solve industry-wide challenges inherent to the complex global marketplace. CITP certification opens leadership opportunities in many niche areas of accounting and related IT sectors. With the emphasis on effective IT applications to support business growth, the CITP certification prepares professionals to be a powerful ally in IT development within an organization. 

Dedication to ongoing cutting-edge performance standards

Seeking the CITP certificate underscores a desire to remain relevant in the recent expansion of the global marketplace. Speaking a common technical language and being able to interface effectively with other similar professionals across company divisions or unique organizations within a conglomerate shows clients that you are a powerful ally in their success and future expansion goals.

Additional considerations

For professional CPAs looking for ways to increase resume power and bolster professional esteem, CITP certification is a potent source of positive advancement opportunity. Providing a valuable combination of business management and IT acumen, a CPA with the CITP certification offers organizations strong ROI and raises the potential for leveraging IT services to strategically edge out the competition. If cutting-edge leadership and powerful mobility is part of your personal success plan as a CPA, then CITP certification may be a good idea for you. 

About the author: 

Grant Webb, a learning facilitator with Bisk Education, writes to support the efforts of accounting professionals interested in becoming a CPA. He agrees that CPA classes must integrate technology into their academia so that students can smoothly transition into the real world of accounting. 

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