Bill Gates Spreads Optimistic PC View at COMDEX

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The notion that we can continue operating by only conducting business over the Internet is "thin-brained," according to Bill Gates, who provided the huge crowd at this year's COMDEX show in Las Vegas with his thoughts about the future of the personal computer.

Gates, the new Chief Software Architect for his company, believes that large screen desktop stand-alone computers will stick around as long as people continue using computers to perform tasks such as tax return preparation, spreadsheet analysis, forecasts, homework, laying out the family photo album, and more. While he waits to see what will happen with his company, he is poised to continue working on the continuous improvement of operating systems and business software programs.

Not everyone agrees. The heads of companies like Sun Microsystems and Oracle are going 150 miles an hour developing programs and processing that work on servers and networks because they believe, naturally, that applications should not require a PC in order to run effectively.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to develop other devices, too, that work in harmony with the PC. Their new Tablet PC is designed to recognize handwriting, and one of the new features in an soon-to-be-updated Office suite is speech recognition software.

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