Banning E-mail Attachments - Microsoft's Virus Remedy?

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In the wake of e-mail viruses such as "Melissa" and "I Love You", it is reported that Microsoft's newest version of Outlook will reject more than 30 different types of files sent as e-mail attachments. The new e-mail application due out later this spring will reject such files as "program execution files", "batch files", Windows help files", and "Java" and "Visual Basic" scripting files.

The company also reported that files such as photo CD images, screensavers, and HTML application files will also be included in the e-mail block.

Security expert Richard Smith, who had a hand in uncovering the Melissa virus' origins, believes Microsoft is taking tough action where it is warranted. It was reported that the "I Love You" virus infected over 600,000 computers and caused more than $2.5 billion in damages.

"I'm very supportive of it," Mr. Smith said. "I think it's socially unacceptable to send executables around, even legitimate ones. This kind of enforces that rule, and we'll kind of have to get used to it."


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