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App Watch on Nexonia, Tallie, FloQast and Tenenz

Dec 16th 2016
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Good day, App Watchers, we’re back with another – and possibly the last of the year – version of your favorite, non-promotional/non-paid for column on the latest accounting-related application information.

This week we have some interesting merger news from Nexonia and Tallie, plus enhancements from FloQast and an in time for tax season video offering from Tenenz. As ever, I’ll attempt to offer my thoughts as it relates to the information at hand. Let’s do it…

News: Nexonia Announces Merger With Tallie

Online and mobile financial and time management solution provider Nexonia has merged with cloud-based expense report product maker Tallie, effective immediately. The combined company forms a growing independent time and expense management platform, giving customers SaaS financial management software and configurable integrations. Major customers include Splunk, Smarsh, FitBit, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, DoubleDutch, CheckPoint Software, Marketo, Indeed and Crossfit, and HoganTaylor. The combined company will maintain operations out of offices in Canada and the United States in order to serve their clients.

Views: Early in the year I had mentioned that the time and expense management space was heating up, and this new combination will most certainly allow the two to truly go to battle against the likes of Expensify, TSheets, Neat, BigTime, Certify, BQE BillQuick, Insperity and many, many more (don’t freak out, I’m not ignoring the rest of you, just making a point) in the SMB space. At the end of the day it’s not clear who will win out, but as I’ve also mentioned it most certainly helps to have proper integration partnerships with major accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc. Many of the aforementioned, the new couple included, already do so they already have that leg up. Plus now they’re, no know, bigger. I’m thinking we’ll see a couple more of these unions in 2017.

News: FloQast Extends Close Management Solution, Other Additions

FloQast Inc., an accountant-created provider of close management software, has released new product capabilities tailored for outsourced finance and accounting firms. With the latest release FloQast has added new global dashboard capabilities, affording these firms the ability to centrally view and manage their numerous clients’ month-end closes and other practice management functions, all from a single console. FloQast also announced a new licensing model specific to outsourced finance and accounting firms to address their distinct licensing needs and created an internal go-to-market team to sell, market and support these firms. In addition, these accounting firms can also leverage FloQast’s flexible checklist capabilities for any practice management process, such as tracking compliance filings, managing statutory reporting and gaining visibility into operational activities such as payroll or other tasks requested by the client.

Views: The idea of outsourced accounting, at least the new breed where you can, you know, use cloud and mobile tools to better serve the businesses that would benefit such services, has certainly picked up in recent years. As such, offerings like FloQast have come to bear in the interest of making business process outsourcing a bit easier and more efficient. By and large though, outsourced accounting in this way is still something firms are waking up to. Some don’t really see the reasoning, some are using it as a pushing off point to add other services and increase their overall value proposition. The fact that the company, these enhancements, all had accountants in mind and have accountants behind their creation does bode well.

News: Tenenz Launches Video Service

Tenenz Inc., a provider of online marketing tools and value-priced tax and accounting products, has launched TaxVid, an informational tax-themed client video service. Additionally, Tenenz invites all tax professionals to download a free 2016 Tax Highlights client video, branded and customized with their firm information, to be used as they prefer, on their website, in email and in social media. Each TaxVid client video is a 1-3 minute summary of a common tax topic, branded with the accounting firm’s logo and contact information. Tenenz assists setting up the video for email and web use. TaxVid topics include Key 2016 Tax Highlights; Proving Your Deductions; Make the Most of Your Donations; Ideas to Help Audit-Proof Your Tax Return; and 5 Great Tax Secrets. The paid service includes branded videos, video set-up assistance, automatic updating to ensure the most current version of the videos are running and hosting the videos.

Views: So off the bat, I don’t really know much about these guys but their release came my way and the obvious hit me: here’s a company that is trying to provide marketing, tax and accounting tools to the profession and – shock and surprise – they’ve gone and released a client tax video service as we’re all in a tax planning mindset. As advertised, they’ll help out with setting it up for email and online. Now, you should know they have a free highlights video, but the client video service is available for a subscription price of $155.40 per year. This doesn’t seem so bad if you think of it as a tax season marketing spend. Who knows. Check out the free bit at their website ( and see it it’s worth the investment.

As ever, the whole idea of this column is to just provide nuggets of information and insight, but we always want to hear from you. If you tried a product, if this is at all helpful to you, and so on. Have an amazing Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza and New Year. See you in 2017!

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