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App Watch on Neat, Right Networks and Veem

Jun 27th 2017
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Happy summer, everyone! After hitting a few trade shows and discussing what accountants and bookkeepers are looking for, we also uncovered some recent (and relevant) product news we wanted you all to be aware of.

In particular, we have integration news from The Neat Company and payments provider Veem, as well as a portal from hosting service Right Networks. The weather may have changed, but our focus has not, in that all of the below information is never paid for or promotional in any way. It is merely meant to inform and, hopefully, be of use in your own decision making for your firm and your clients.

So, let’s get to it ...

News: Neat Introduces Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

The Neat Company, a provider of document and expense management software for small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers, has introduced an integration with QuickBooks Desktop. Neat’s integration with QuickBooks Desktop was designed to allow small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers to process reimbursable expenses; reduce time spent managing invoices for accounts receivable; keep accounts payable well-managed and organized; prepare for tax filings; manage budgets; and produce spending reports for analysis.

Views: For those unfamiliar with Neat, they are making a name for themselves in the document and expense management space, with workflow at its core ... something accounting and bookkeeping firms of all sizes continue to struggle with. And yes, even with the growing number of QuickBooks Online users, Desktop remains the staple for many firms and their small business clients as it simply is not the same product despite the name similarity. This is not to get sucked into the QBO and Desktop debate, but just to say that Neat appears to be thinking of small businesses and their advisors on the whole. And, as I’ve said many times over, proper integrations with popular, everyday products will win the day and give companies looking to make a name for themselves a leg up.

News: Right Networks Launches User Management Portal  

Accountant-focused cloud hosting service Right Networks has launched the My Account self-service user management portal. The portal, available to all Right Networks customers, allows for easy management of account and user-level information.

My Account was designed to integrate all the key actions customers use daily to manage their account and users. The user interface provides a central portal for day-to-day task management, user setup, billing and invoicing, and easy client onboarding. My Account offers users the ability to set clients up quickly; view, add, edit, and remove users from an account; manage files with easy upload, download, and transfer of data; lease or buy QuickBooks licenses; purchase new applications from the Right Networks app marketplace; get a clear view into purchased and assigned entitlements; update contact information, password, security profile, billing, and payment information; and receive account status updates.

Views: For many, their introduction to cloud is still in the hosted environment and not quite native products ... yet (you know, the ones built for browsers and not sitting on a server). If this is you, then you probably have or should have heard of Right Networks, especially if you are in the QuickBooks universe. It only make sense to have a portal such as this as your own personal “control center” so you and your clients have access to all you need. Not a whole lot more to say, convenience is the name of the game today.

News: Veem Provides Blockchain Integration with QBO

Global payments provider Veem has a new integration with QuickBooks Online to help users and accounting professionals streamline the process of making international payments. The integration will allow users to automatically sync vendor bills in QuickBooks with Veem for international wire transfers, saving time and money while enabling users to maintain supplier relationships and focus on growing their businesses. QuickBooks users will be able to see exchange rates, as well as currency and transaction identification information, for easy reporting and coordination with their accountant.

The integration offers users online multicurrency payments; tracking and reconciliation; payment progress tracking in QuickBooks Online; free international payments; and competitive exchange rates. Veem’s QuickBooks Online integration is available now and free to use for current Veem customers.

Views: Well folks, this is just the beginning. Not the first, and certainly not the last, evidence of blockchain entering the finance and accounting space. It’s been discussed at the highest levels of banking and among the Big Four for some time now ... that is in fact how we’ll see blockchain technology impact accounting. Now, here at the SMB level, is just one iota of evidence in this announcement. The best way I’ve heard blockchain described is by none other than Doug Sleeter who dubbed it “a global ledger of trust.” In fact, he went so far as to say “with blockchain there is no bank, no government, you can add transactions after the auditor and notary approve it, and by that I mean encrypted math. No government or regulatory body on Earth can stop blockchain from happening.”

As for this particular news, if you and your clients are using QBO and, more importantly, involved in international monetary transfers or plan to be, this is worth taking note of.

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