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App Watch on Intuit, Neat, and

Jan 15th 2016
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In the first application roundup of the year, we see Intuit back in the news with some expected additions to its professional tax products, new features from Neat, including a QuickBooks Online integration, and a new Android app from

Just to review, this is a weekly column whereby we're not out to break news in the technology world – as it relates to you – but rather keep you informed and, where applicable, offer our take. So now away. We. Go …

News: Intuit Adds Security Enhancements for its Professional Tax Products

Intuit has added multiple security enhancements across its suite of professional tax products – including Intuit Tax Online, ProSeries and Lacerte – to further improve how tax preparer and taxpayer information are authenticated. The key additions include a multi-factor authentication feature as well as the added requirement of EFIN numbers before e-filing.  New tax professional customers must have IRS documentation of EFIN registration on file before they can e-file through Intuit's professional tax products. In addition, Intuit will proactively notify tax preparers who use the company's professional tax software when it appears that their EFIN may have been compromised so they can reinstate their EFIN with the IRS. Intuit is also offering tips to help tax preparers protect themselves, their clients and their office in the ongoing fight against fraud.

Views: Well this all stands to reason. It's tax time and while tax product vendors are out adding the latest functionality to provide for current tax codes and trends like ACA, it's also a time to ensure users are secure. As such Intuit is on it, to a degree, adding in this new level of security prior to e-filing. With more businesses and individuals filing electronically than ever before, this addition, while it's not everything that's needed when it comes to security, is pretty essential.

News: Neat Company Expands Offerings for Small Businesses

Cloud, mobile, desktop software and hardware scanning solutions provider Neat has enhanced their integration with QuickBooks Online, expanded its parsing technology to include invoices, and improved the parsing accuracy of vendor names. In addition to a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, these new features were designed to will give small businesses better functionality and a more advanced user experience when employing Neat's solutions in their operations.

Views: So perhaps your firm may not be using Neat, per se, however it is a tool more small businesses are using. More important is it is a tool Neat wants more accountants to know about more intimately so they can recommend it to their clients. And, with the new integrations with QuickBooks Online they are hoping it would be that much more attractive.

News: Expands Mobile Offerings with Android App

Digital business payments provider now officially has an Android app, whereby accounting professionals and their business clients can review, approve and pay bills on the go using their Android devices. Accountants can now securely access their firm's account upon opening the app, giving them the ability to review new bills, original invoices, the trail of approvers, notes, previously approved or denied bills and payment history for all their clients. Bills can be sorted by due date, vendor names, amount or time pending in the approval queue. A simple swipe left or right serves to approve or deny a bill for payment.

Views: I've always found it odd that Android apps tend to come out so much later than those for iOS devices. Granted the developer community viewpoint is that it is much simpler to build for iOS than Android, but in for the business market and in terms of overall reach, Android continues to dominate Apple-related devices. Be that as it may, now finally has an Android app and there was much rejoicing.

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