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App Watch on Float, eFileCabinet, and

Jan 22nd 2016
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News: Scottish add-on developer Float announced this week that its cash-flow forecasting program now synchs with QuickBooks Online (QBO).

By connecting with the live accounting data, Float lets business owners analyze their cash flows in real time to understand how much cash is coming in and how much is going out. The program can import actual figures in seconds and presents the projection in a graphical form that the user can play with to explore what-if scenarios.

Initially written to run alongside Xero, Float has grown its user base to around 1,000 companies in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Float's executives flew to QB Connect in San Jose, California, last November to seal the relationship with Intuit and to give US users an early preview of the app's capabilities.

Views: Float is one of a growing number of tools that grew up with Xero to join the QuickBooks camp â€“ and it's obvious to see why. When Xero announced last June that it had reached 500,000 worldwide users, Intuit trumped that by announcing QBO had 1 million.

The vast size of the US market is a big magnet for innovative developers like Float (not to mention the likes of Fathom, Spotlight Reporting, and CrunchBoards). By pledging allegiance to QBO, Float has more than doubled its growth potential in North America. But it won't be a cakewalk for the Edinburgh-based software house. Both ProfitSee and LivePlan are already well-established in the QuickBooks ecosystem on this side of the Atlantic. It looks like 2016 is going to be a very lively year in the forecasting add-on market.

One factor in Float's favor is the way it concentrates more on small business users, while most of its better-known rivals target accountants who offer reports and forecasts as added-value services to their clients.

News: The 2016 edition of online document portal eFileCabinet has been spruced up with zonal optical character recognition, a new icon-based user interface, and integration with SecureDrawer,, and the Mac operating system.

Available as either a cloud-based software-as-a-service or on-premise, eFileCabinet is now being presented as a universal platform for electronic document management (ECM). The enhancements in eFileCabinet 2016 will be “crucial” for customers looking to grow their businesses, said CEO Matt Peterson.

Views: With its latest iteration, eFileCabinet is positioning itself as a player on the ECM scene. If this leaves you a little cold, it's worth remembering that the company has strong roots in accountancy and may be better known to readers as the engine behind CCH's web portal PortalSafe.

As well as helping firms manage in-house documentation, portals come into their own when accountants need to collect and return documentation quickly to clients for tax-preparation work and filing authorizations. That can take care of logjams during busy season, but more adventurous users within the profession are probably already investigating ways in which eFileCabinet can be integrated into more streamlined year-round workflows and processes. For example, are there any business development people out there using portals alongside to monitor prospects and bring them on board as clients?

News: is a new job board specifically designed to help employers track down and recruit tax professionals. The site is an evolution of the TaxTalent site that has been running since 1999 and can call on a database of 100,000-plus candidates with tax experience.

TaxJobs caters in particular for “passive” jobseekers by allowing them to find out more about available positions on a confidential basis. A 60-day job posting on TaxJobs costs $495.

Views: Could it be a coincidence that the announcement for arrived on the day that the gates opened for this year's personal tax returns? There's no harm in alerting professionals disgruntled with drone work about the existence of potentially greener pastures, but it may come a little late for employers that need extra backup to help them through to the April deadline.

Having a specialist recruitment resource is going to appeal to employers within the tax world, but if we had a moment with Tony Santiago, we'd want to know a little more about what TaxJobs provides that TaxTalent doesn't. Are there any readers out there who can spot the differences?


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By hphimister
Feb 25th 2016 09:11 EST

Great article! Float is a pretty awesome cash flow forecasting tool that small business owners can understand and use -

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