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App Watch on Chargebee, Vertex SMB, and Neat

Oct 28th 2016
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Hello again from App Watch headquarters, where we bring you another round of non-promotional, never paid for, information on the latest accounting-related applications. This week integration is the theme, as we focus on connections from Chargebee, Vertex SMB and Neat with well-known core accounting products.

Given that there is actually a theme here we’re going to do things a bit different this week, by first giving you a bit of a summary of my two-cents on it all, rather than separately as I usually do. I’ll then move on to the product briefs that you may have missed M’kay? M’kay.

Views: In no uncertain terms, there’s a battle brewing whether it’s intentional or not. While some in the accounting vendor/service provider space continue to angle for a “suite” or all-inclusive approach to their offerings, others prefer to build integration relations rather than build it themselves. In other words, if you and/or your clients have a preferred core accounting/financial system, chances are there’s going to be an add-on to do even more than it was built for.

From time tracking to workflow to document management to payroll to invoicing to who knows what’s next, it’s out there and the more integrations that happen (that actually work how you need it to), the more you’ll see the user numbers of those core accounting products climb and remain strong.

A time may come again where the all-inclusive is preferred to the a la carte, but as of today I just don’t see it and the winners of today’s race at least, are all about how many and how well you can connect with. To that end, here’s just a few that occurred over the past week:

News: Chargebee Integrates with Xero

Chargebee Inc., which automates online recurring billing and invoicing, recently announced its certified integration with Xero, Chargebee handles the complete subscription management lifecycle for SaaS and eCommerce businesses from seed to IPO stage and works on top of payment gateways such as Stripe and Braintree. Currently, Chargebee handles merchants’ account receivables with invoicing and global taxation. The integration with Xero will offer synchronization of invoices, payments, credits, taxes and accurate allocation of liabilities to the accounting system while also maintaining the ledger update from the accounts receivables perspective.

News: Vertex SMB Introduces Connector for QuickBooks

SMB-focused tax solution provider and partnerVertex SMB has introduced their sales and use tax connector for QuickBooks. The connector enables the automation of sales and use tax calculations and returns for users of both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, or users can import sales and use tax data automatically to prepare and file returns.

News: Neat Expands Accounting Integrations with Addition of Sage One

Neat, which offers expense and document management for small businesses, has announced the debut of its integration with Sage One. The Sage One integration is designed to further simplify the workflows and processes of existing Sage One users. Neat aggregates receipts and invoices from anywhere, automatically reads key information and eliminates manual data entry.

Neat's Sage One integration allows users to: connect with Sage One credentials; map key data sets between Neat and Sage One; send receipts as expenses; and send invoices as purchase invoices. In addition, Neat will be featured on the Sage Marketplace.

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