AICPA Launches Online Resource for IT Community

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The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) unveiled a new Information Technology (IT) community Web site that contains resources, tools and guidance for CPAs interested or practicing in IT.

The site is designed to assist CPAs in the AICPA IT community who want to leverage information technology to increase efficiency and boost profits. The mission of the IT community is to:

  • provide IT Section Members and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential holders with the tools to help them enhance their competency and allow them to share best practices;
  • serve as a comprehensive resource for information and education about new technologies to the CPAs; raise awareness about the importance of demonstrating expertise of business technology issues and attaining the CITP credential;
  • provide information about the community's activities to other stakeholders.

“Our goal was to provide an online resource for all CPAs in the IT community, whether they are in business and industry, academia, government or public practice,” said James Metzler, AICPA Vice President, Small Firm Interests. “Many CPAs want to stay up to date on the latest developments in IT. They now have a place online to begin their quest. CPAs in other segments of our community, including business and industry, can access guidance that will help them understand the impact of IT issues on their organizations and tools to help them implement solutions.”

The information on the IT community Web site is conveniently organized around a home page and five core areas – Resources, Community, Events, Membership and Products. The IT community provides a venue for CPAs, their clients, employers and customers to resource, monitor, assess, educate, and communicate the impact of technology developments on business solutions. As an added benefit, members of the AICPA IT Membership Section, as well as holders of the CITP specialty credential, can access premium technical and practice management content on the site and obtain discounts on AICPA conferences, publications and practice aids.

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