Accounting Library launches software selection Web site

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Earlier this fall, Solutions announced the launch of The Accounting Library On-Line Edition, a Web-based program that helps end-users select accounting systems. In tandem with the launch of the application was a new look and feel for The Accounting Library's Web site,

The Accounting Library On-Line Edition is a free application. Users can define their unique requirements by selecting from a list of 700+ functionality related questions and indicate their relative interest in each requirement. Users can also define the modules they need in their system, industry specific support, and their software budget. Based on the answers to these questions, The Accounting Library On-Line Edition provides users with a list of prospective software matches. Users can then open a Product Web Page for the products in which they have an interest and learn more about each product as well as learn more about ISV solutions that integrate with each product. Finally, users can search for resellers in their geographic region and open a Reseller Web Page to learn more about each reseller.

"The RFI process has helped 3,000+ companies choose software for their businesses in the 20 years we've been supporting the CD-Based Edition of The Accounting Library", said Charles Chewning, president of Solutions. "However, if a user has already selected products of interest, they can bypass the RFI process and use the site to learn more about products of interest, identify and learn more about resellers of those products, or simply search for an unbiased software selection consultant. One of the most important features we have built into the software selection process is giving users total control. They decide how they are going to use the features we provide and they decide who they are going to contact and when they make contact. We will not pass out lead sheets."

About Solutions

Solutions is a Richmond, Virginia-based consulting firm specializing in accounting software selection. President Charles Chewning has written a number of accounting software reviews and is a frequent speaker on the subject of accounting software selection as well as sales and marketing of accounting software. Mr. Chewning primarily consults with middle-market companies selecting accounting software, but also has on-going contracts with vendors to assist them in product development and reseller development.

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