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Product Roadmap QBC

Accountants Firmly in Intuit Product Roadmap

Nov 15th 2017
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It’s no surprise that accountants are getting more attention from Intuit, which has long been the go-to product source for these professionals before being heavily challenged in the cloud accounting space.

But recent additions to, and soon to come for, QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) are making it a more compelling option. During his keynote speech on what was dubbed “Accountants Day” at QB Connect in San Jose, Calif., Rich Preece, Intuit’s Global Accountant Segment Leader, laid out the company’s product vision for QBOA which included enhancements to the Practice Management and Find a Pro Advisor features and the addition of an app curator and recommendation feature.

“We want QBOA to be the one place to grow and manage all of your clients and all of your practice,” said Preece. Here’s the details on what added to QBOA as well as what’s coming shortly:

Find a Pro Advisor Feature Enhancements

First off, know that you need to be a Certified Pro Advisor to be on this platform. Preece claims there are approximately 50,000 Certified Pro Advisors on it now. He said this feature currently generates over 1000 small business leads per day. A few months ago it was 240. How it works is that you build your own profile in it, similar to Linked In, and it will now show views and reviews.

In December, Intuit plans to focus more on tax in the Find a Pro Advisor feature, allowing small businesses on QuickBooks Online to find a Pro Advisor that mainly focuses on tax work, or has positive reviews in this area.

Practice Management Additions

Preece claims there are currently 15,000 accountants using this feature since it launched a few months ago, with 90 percent use it multiple times.

You can now toggle easily between QBOA and specific features in QBO. Known as “Deep Links.” Also, in the last few weeks a “send feedback” feature was added to help improve the Practice Management feature.

Users can also send notes to clients (i.e. a request for documents) with alerts for when correspondence comes in and the ability to reply from within QBOA. In addition, it is not required that a client entered into the Practice Management feature be a QBO user.

Intuit has also added a List Field, where users can scroll it, add a date range and look out for weeks or months for scheduling tasks.

Client Insights will also be added above the dashboard, which will integrate with other commonly used third party apps. It will analyze and compare against other businesses in your client’s field.

Another addition coming soon to Practice Management will be the integration of Slack.

A New Apps Tab

“The problem we heard from accountants was ‘hey, thanks for adding 500 apps but I don’t know which one to recommend.’ Now there’s a curated list where you can provision an app, set it up and the client can be hands off. Those who offer value pricing, you can get the bill for the app and heavily discounted for them,” said Preece.

KPIs Included

Lastly firm-level KPIs will now be included inside QBOA to highlight which businesses are more or less profitable.